On April 11th 2016, we became the Blue Knot Foundation

Just like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly, Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA) has evolved into the Blue Knot Foundation. 

For our organisation, this change signals the maturing of community awareness around trauma alongside the organisation’s growth to encompass a broader range of important services including our specialist Blue Knot Helpline, educational workshops, professional development training, supervision, consultancy and other services. The name Blue Knot Foundation better reflects our core mission, which is to support the recovery of adult survivors of all forms of childhood trauma, not only those who have experienced childhood abuse. 

The name had its genesis in our national day, Blue Knot Day, which has a powerful resonance within the Australian community. 

Blue Knot Foundation's artwork is harmoniously aligned with our current logo, which features a tangled knot - symbolising the complexity of childhood trauma. Blue is the colour of the sky and a clear blue sky provides the space for new possibilities. Blue Knot Foundation empowers survivors to untangle the complex issues with which they grapple and provides hope and optimism for recovery.

As the Blue Knot Foundation, we would like to particularly thank our community for the ongoing support of our vital work. We look forward to continuing our work supporting the one in four (an estimated five million) Australian adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse.