Blue Knot Day



“As an awareness day, it was fantastic to see so many people interested. It was a privilege to meet so many amazing and inspiring people, I was incredibly humbled. I will look very forward to working with you in the future. You truly are inspirational!”

PENNY BREWER EO to Senator Bilyk

“I was happy to participate and promote Blue Knot Day for ASCA who work tirelessly as great advocates giving a voice and representation for all adult survivors. Their training and work with governments and other organisations is exceptional and much appreciated.”


“Blue Knot Day is a reminder that there are many Australians who are survivors of childhood trauma and abuse. The strength, courage and resilience of those who have come forward to the Royal Commission to tell us their story shows us that recovery is possible.”

Justice Peter McClellan

“Getting involved in supporting ASCA's national day of awareness helped me help myself in a safe way. It also allows me to show my support for other young survivors because we HAVE survived and I truly believe that supportive communities help survivors recover.”


“I am somewhat delighted that the Blue Knot Day Pins are sold out, this means awareness is being raised and people are getting behind survivors. Here's hoping it will bring about significant change!”


What is Blue Knot Day

Blue Knot Day logo

Blue Knot Day is Blue Knot Foundation's national awareness day celebrated in October every year. On this day, we ask all Australians to unite in support of the 5 million Australian adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse.

This year's Blue Knot Day is on Monday 24th of October 2016, with events held throughout the country during the week of October 24 to 30. With the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse well underway, the needs of adult survivors are on the national agenda. 

This Blue Knot Day, we are building on our overarching theme that ‘Recovery is possible’ and embracing our leadership and that of the Commission in driving change. Our theme for 2016 is ‘Together we lead the way to survivor recovery’. Please put October 24th in your diaries as Blue Knot Day 2016. You can get involved in many ways, uniting as a community to provide support to one another towards recovery. See what events have already been scheduled in your area.


What's the Blue Knot about?

  • the tangled knot symbolises the complexity of childhood trauma
  • blue is the colour of the sky and a clear blue sky provides the space for new possibilities

What's the relationship between Blue Knot Foundation and Blue Knot Day?

In April this year our organisation rebranded to Blue Knot Foundation (formerly Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA)). The name had its genesis in our national day, Blue Knot Day, which since its inception in 2012, has resonated powerfully within the Australian community.

For our organisation, the name change signals the maturing of community awareness around trauma alongside the organisation’s growth to encompass a broader range of vital services. These include our specialist Blue Knot Helpline, educational workshops, professional development training, supervision, consultancy and other services. The name, Blue Knot Foundation better reflects our core mission, which is to support the recovery of the 1 in 4 Australian adult survivors of all forms of childhood trauma, not only those who have experienced childhood abuse. 

Blue Knot Foundation's logo is now harmoniously aligned with that of Blue Knot Day and features a tangled knot - symbolising the complexity of childhood trauma. Blue is the colour of the sky and a clear blue sky provides the space for new possibilities. Blue Knot Foundation empowers survivors to untangle the knot of childhood trauma and the complex issues with which they grapple. In so doing it provides hope and optimism for recovery.