Organisational Consultancy

Blue Knot Foundation’s organisational consultancy supports organisations to design and/or modify their current culture, practices, policies and procedures around the core trauma-informed organising principles of safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration and empowerment. The benefits of doing so cannot be overestimated; designing service systems that accommodate the vulnerabilities of trauma survivors allows services to be delivered in a way that will avoid inadvertent re-traumatisation, facilitate consumer participation in all aspects of the organisation and optimise their health and psychosocial outcomes. It also minimises the risk of vicarious traumatisation for staff and improves staff satisfaction, health and wellbeing, as well as organisational cohesiveness and productivity.

By participating in Blue Knot Foundation's organisational consultancy you will:
  • Be engaged with a suitably skilled trauma-informed consultant
  • Participate in a staged process that is evidence based, self-guided, strengths and solution focused, inclusive, person centred, collaborative and attuned to your needs
  • Be supported by specifically designed evidence based tools and resources
  • Have access to ongoing support from Blue Knot Foundation including but not limited to evidence based guidelines, training and supervision services.
Each stage in our organisational consultancy is supported by specially developed tools and resources. The stages include but are not limited to:
  • Orientation – lay the foundations of the process by establishing a shared understanding and language
  • Assessment – establish a starting point for the process and baseline for change with the organisation rating its readiness to change and existing strengths
  • Planning – establish an end point for the process by creating a trauma informed vision around which a staged plan is developed
  • Implementation – commence and sustain the process of change by implementing the staged plan and building ongoing quality improvement mechanisms

"Trauma-informed services are designed specifically to avoid re-traumatizing those who come seeking assistance..."
- Fallot & Harris, `Creating Cultures of Trauma-Informed Care (CCTIC): A Self-Assessment and Planning Protocol’ (2009), p.2.


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“Blue Knot Foundation has a key role to play in the building of community capacity in care provision to those who have experienced childhood abuse and trauma in any environment.”

NIALL MULLIGAN Manager, Lifeline Northern Rivers

“I think Blue Knot Foundation is a fantastic support organisation for people who have experienced childhood trauma/abuse, for their families/close friends and for professionals who would like to learn how to more effectively work with these people.”

Psychologist Melbourne

“It's such a beautiful thing that you are doing. Helping people to get through this.”


“It was only last September when I discovered the Blue Knot Foundation website and I will never forget the feeling of support and empathy that I received when I finally made the first phone call to Blue Knot Helpline, which was also the first time I had ever spoken about my abuse.”


"At last there is some sound education and empathetic support for individuals and partners impacted by such gross boundary violations.”


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