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“Your counsellor was just phenomenal.  His depth of understanding was powerful and I felt so Seen and Understood; I felt like he really got it and although it made me cry initially, it was so deeply soothing and relieving.”

Helpline Caller

“One of the best telephone counselling services I have accessed. The person on the other end seems to understand and care about what and why I have called. Thank you all for your help and compassion.”

Helpline Caller

“This was my first call to 1300 line. I spoke to xxx, s/he was understanding and empathetic. S/he gave me information I asked for and I felt a lot better after talking to them. I will use this line again, for sure.”

Helpline Caller

“I’m so grateful. The first time I’ve actually spoken to a counsellor that gets it. S/he is wonderful.”

Helpline Caller

“I feel so blessed to have found Blue Knot Foundation and been able to speak to the counsellors when I did... Strangers on the phone yet somehow know me better than those closest to me.”

Helpline Caller

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Blue Knot Helpline - 1300 657 380

If you need help, information, support or referral, call Blue Knot Helpline (formerly ASCA Professional Support Line) on 1300 657 380 or email between 9am-5pm Monday to Sunday AEST/ADST.

Blue Knot Helpline provides:

  • Blue Knot HelplineProfessional short-term counselling support
  • Information
  • Referrals for ongoing support
  • Support and guidance for engaging with the Royal Commission

Our trained, experienced and trauma-informed counsellors, male and female, support adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse, their partners, family and friends, health professionals and anyone in the workplace working with people who have experienced childhood trauma and abuse.

Calling the Blue Knot Helpline:

  • The line operates 9am-5pm Monday to Sunday AEST/ADST
  • If we can't answer your call straight away, it will be diverted to voicemail
  • If you leave a message, one of our counsellors will return your call as soon as possible. Please remember to leave your area code
  • For privacy reasons, our number will appear as a blocked call and we will not leave a message unless you tell us it is okay to do so
  • All calls received out of hours will be returned as soon as possible in normal operating hours

If you are distressed, in crisis or in immediate need of support please call Lifeline on 13 11 14. 

Call 000 (Emergency Services) if life is in danger.

What happens when you call the Blue Knot Helpline?

Blue Knot Helpline is a specialist service. Our counsellors are trained to provide an empathetic, informative and empowering initial contact for adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse. Because calling our Helpline is often a survivor’s first step on the path to recovery and seeking support, we believe that being focused on the needs of our callers is the best way we can support them in their choices.

 The nature of our Helpline calls varies widely and includes;
  • support and information to those affected by abuse and trauma in childhood
  • first-time disclosures from survivors
  • information and support for those caring for loved ones affected by childhood trauma and abuse
  • requests for referrals to practitioners in local areas
  • information about workshops, counselling, support and advice
  • support and information for those working with adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse 

Blue Knot Helpline does not replace the therapeutic value of face-to-face counselling. It is a stepping stone for people seeking support and a valued service for those in rural and remote Australia, and/or where face-to-face counselling in not available. The Helpline provides a helpful adjunct to face to face counselling by offering support services, information, psycho-education, and referrals. 

On Blue Knot Day each year (last Monday of October), Blue Knot Foundation releases research from its Blue Knot Helpline. Click here to download the 2015 report>>

Blue Knot Foundation referral database

Blue Knot Foundation has established a referral database to meet the range of needs of its callers. The database includes health professionals and agencies around Australia with expertise and experience in supporting adult survivors of childhood trauma, who have undergone a comprehensive application and assessment process. The referral database is used by Blue Knot Helpline counsellors to provide referral options to its callers. Blue Knot Foundation is also currently establishing a database of trauma-informed GPs, Health Professionals, Agencies and Support Groups should you wish to apply for inclusion on our database.


"I am 48 years old now and there is simply not a day goes by that I don’t carry the burden of what my father had put me through from the age of 10 years old. Anyway I have learnt to be really positive and place my fears, hatred and turmoil into more positive thoughts.....I rang and spoke to ASCA late last year about becoming a member and spoke to the nicest gentleman concerning the issues I was enduring, after the phone call I felt really great and wasn’t down on myself at all. He was very sincere and treated me with the upmost respect and dignity".  - Anonymous

"A key referral which is used by Lifeline is the ASCA helpline and website. Lifeline is confident in making referrals to ASCA." - Dawn O'Neill ex-CEO Lifeline Australia

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“Blue Knot Foundation has a key role to play in the building of community capacity in care provision to those who have experienced childhood abuse and trauma in any environment.”

NIALL MULLIGAN Manager, Lifeline Northern Rivers

“I think Blue Knot Foundation is a fantastic support organisation for people who have experienced childhood trauma/abuse, for their families/close friends and for professionals who would like to learn how to more effectively work with these people.”

Psychologist Melbourne

“It's such a beautiful thing that you are doing. Helping people to get through this.”


“It was only last September when I discovered the Blue Knot Foundation website and I will never forget the feeling of support and empathy that I received when I finally made the first phone call to Blue Knot Helpline, which was also the first time I had ever spoken about my abuse.”


"At last there is some sound education and empathetic support for individuals and partners impacted by such gross boundary violations.”


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Blue Knot Helpline
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Hours: Mon-Sun, 9am-5pm AEST

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