“I have attended one of your workshops for Health Professionals and found it to be one of the most enlightening and useful trainings I have attended. In particular, I really got an understanding of how to best deal with people in crisis related to past trauma.”


“The workshop was outstanding - could be used for all practitioners no matter what their discipline. I would hope that you would promote it among psychologists - particularly because the focus was on "abuse" without putting the various types of abuse into boxes.”


“I recommend Blue Knot Foundation's trauma training to every professional, worker of all setting, survivor, and carer. The better trained the earlier the diagnosis and a better chance for survivor recovery.”


“I would highly recommend Blue Knot Foundation training. The information and research is impressive and relevant; the facilitator knew her stuff, was engaging and provided relevant examples.”


Education and Training

Public – professional development training and educational workshops

WorkshopProfessional Development Training

Want to learn the principles of trauma-informed practice and apply them? 
Want to acquire new practice skills including around your own self-care? 
Keen to learn about evidence-based clinical best practice around complex trauma? 

Attend Blue Knot Foundation’s professional development training. 

All of Blue Knot Foundation’s professional development training sessions are informative, interactive, engaging and based on adult learning principles. They are facilitated by skilled and experienced trainers and scheduled in selected locations around Australia.

Blue Knot Foundation schedules its programs from the following professional development training packages:

To find out where and when our training sessions are scheduled, please review our Calendar of Events. Alternatively, you can download a PDF booklet of our public workshops and a PDF training calendar for Apr-Nov 2017.

Calendar of Events

Professionals may claim CPD hours/credits/points for their participation in Blue Knot Foundation professional training either as a pre-approved or self-directed learning activity. We help you meet your reporting obligations by having clearly articulated learning outcomes attached to each training event and issuing Certificates of Attendance to participants upon completion of the training. For more information, please refer to your professional association or the AHPRA website.

Educational Workshops

Blue Knot Foundation offers educational workshops for adult survivors of childhood trauma, as well as for their family, friends, partners and loved ones, when funding permits. These full day workshops provide information and self-care strategies to support participants on their personal journey of recovery; or for family, friends and partners, strategies to support their loved ones while caring for themselves. 

In-house education and training: we can come to you

Training and Development image

Are you or your organisation interested in having professional development training or educational workshops delivered in-house?
Do you want to workshop trauma-informed principles into practice with your team?
Want to provide your staff with the opportunity to acquire practice and self-care skills?
Are you keen to develop clinical best practice knowledge and tools around complex trauma?

Blue Knot Foundation offers a suite of professional development training packages, attuned to the needs of different sectors. These packages can be tailored to suit the strengths, challenges and needs of your organisation and its staff. All training sessions are interactive, based on adult learning principles and are facilitated by skilled and experienced trainers in trauma-informed practice, vicarious trauma and working clinically with complex trauma clients. We can also deliver educational workshops for survivors and/or family, friends, partners and loved ones in-house. Training and workshops can be delivered anywhere in Australia. Click here to download our in-house training booklet.

See Our Training Options