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Blue Knot Foundation... 

  • is the leading national organisation working to improve the lives of the five million (1 in 4) Australian adults who are survivors of childhood trauma, including abuse. 
  • supports survivors, their families and communities through professional phone counselling, information, resources and educational workshops. 
  • delivers professional development training, group supervision and consultancy for workers, organisations and practitioners working with survivors. 
  • advocates nationally for trauma-informed policy, practice and systems change. 

Education and Training

Professional Development Training  Blue Knot Foundation is a recognised leader nationally in trauma-informed, vicarious trauma and clinical complex trauma training. See our list of training options now.

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Front Page News

Blue Knot Foundation thanks all who supported the work of the Royal Commission
Blue Knot Foundation sincerely thanks the thousands of victims of institutional child sexual abuse and those who support you for your courage and determination, Hon Justice Peter McClellan AM and all the Commissions for their ground-breaking work. 
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These false memory claims are false
A leading child abuse activist linked to the $500 million child abuse royal commission has hit back at claims by her family that her psychological treatment triggered "false memories" of abuse at the hands of her father as she comes under fire over her role advising on a compensation scheme for victims.
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Dissociative identity disorder exists and is the result of childhood trauma
The following article “Dissociative identity disorder exists and is the result of childhood trauma” speaks about Dissociative Identity Disorder, a condition which is often misrepresented and sensationalized. 
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Interested to participate in a research study?

Have you made a victim submission to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse? 

Are you interested in talking about what this experience was like?

You are invited to participate in a research study being conducted by Rebecca Moran, a PhD student at Western Sydney University. If interested, click here to participate.

 Should you wish to learn more, click here

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