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Blue Knot Foundation and the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Royal Commission

Blue Knot Foundation has played a key role in supporting both the formation of the Royal Commission and its ongoing work. This is by way of consultation, training of staff, and provision of services to adult survivors and others coming forward to provide testimony to the Commission.

 Blue Knot Foundation’s role in the Royal Commission is recognised by the Royal Commission Chair, The Hon. Justice Peter McClellan AM. At a parliamentary briefing session on Blue Knot Day 2014, Justice McClellan said:

I would like to acknowledge and thank Dr Kezelman and ASCA for the work they do every day to help survivors of sexual and other abuse. In particular can I thank Dr Kezelman for her support of the Royal Commission? Dr Kezelman has been working with us, together with many other people, to develop our recommendations for redress – more of that in a moment.

Blue Knot Day is a reminder that there are many Australians who are survivors of childhood trauma and abuse. The strength, courage and resilience of those who have come forward to the Royal Commission to tell us their story shows us that recovery is possible. That possibility is enhanced by the work of Dr Kezelman and ASCA and the other people and organisations who assist survivors.

In 2014, after publication of an Interim Report and request by the Royal Commission Chair, the Commonwealth Government extended the examination period by two years. The Commission will present its final report in December 2017.

On 30th January 2015, the Chair of the Royal Commission, Justice Peter McClellan AM released a consultation paper around redress and civil litigation. The paper proposes 3 areas of focus for redress: Direct personal response; Counselling and psychological care; Monetary payments. In discussing the area of Counselling and psychological care, the report raises the issue of service gaps.

It is clear from the description of current services about that there are many government and non-government services that currently assist survivors with counselling and psychological care.

However, we have heard from survivors, survivor advocacy and support groups, practitioners and experts that survivors’ needs are not being fully met by existing services.

Our consultations through private roundtables and our expert consultations suggested that access to and delivery of counselling and psychological care to survivors should be improved.


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