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Talking about trauma for services

Royal Commission Media Updates/News


ABC News | September 30
Questions remain over future of national abuse redress scheme >>Listen to full audio here

Pro Bono News | September 15
Child sexual abuse victims should receive $4 billion >>Read full article here

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse | July 15
Address by Justice McClellan to the Triennial Assembly of the Uniting Church in Perth >>Read full article here

SBS | January 30
The child sex abuse royal commission has launched a consultation paper which could lay the ground for a $4 billion victims compensation scheme 
>>Read full article here

SMH | January 30
Just redress scheme for abuse victims may exceed Royal Commission's $4.3b cost estimate >>Read full article here


Royal Commission News | September 26 

Royal Commission Chair Justice McClellan provides overview of work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities >>Read full article here

Brisbane Times | September 2
The Abbott government wants the royal commission into child sexual abuse to be given another two years and an extra $126 million to complete its historic inquiry >>Read full article here

ABC News | August 22
Royal commission: Child abuse victim support groups outraged over Cardinal George Pell's testimony >>Read full article here

ABC The World Today | August 20
Cathy Kezelman, ASCA President speaks with on The World Today about the critical need for a full 2 year extension for the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse >> Listen Here

ABC News | May 28
Support group: Royal Commission funding decision very concerning. Dr Kezelman Speaks on the funding cut >> Listen Here

The Wire | May 28
Dr. Kezelman interviewed on the Wire regarding Royal Commission funding >> Listen Here

ABC News | May 28 
Millions of dollars in funding for child sexual abuse royal commission redirected to home insulation inquiry >> Read more here

The Australian | May 27
ASCA acknowledges leadership of Janette Dines, CEO of Royal Commission >> Read more here

ABC News | May 19
Perth teacher molested students for years despite warnings. Royal Commission Chief Executive Janette Dines, and ASCA President Cathy Kezelman speak about the hearing. >> Read the full transcript here

Herald Sun | April 1 
Justice Peter McClellan, Chair of the Royal Commission reveals that almost 150 cases have been referred to police for investigation of alleged crimes of child sexual assault >>Click here

Lateline | March 24
Cardinal Pell appears at public hearing of Royal Commission. In this Lateline report ASCA Ambassador, Anthony Foster, in talking about a Compensation funds states: “We need a clear, transparent system where victims' lives can be restored to the full value". >>Click here

7News | March 24
Dr. Cathy Kezelman, ASCA President attests to the importance of Cardinal Pell’s testimony to establish the truth around the Catholic Church’s response to clergy abuse victim John Ellis >> Click here | March 22
On March 1 2014, at the University of Queensland, a memorial was held for Lewis Blayse, a victim/campaigner for the sorts of changes as a result of the Royal Commission. Many prominent advocates spoke >> See full summary here

2ser 107.3 | February 3
Prof Freda Briggs, ASCA patron talks about the prevalence, impacts of institutional child abuse as the Royal Commission public hearing into the Salvation Army hears chilling testimony>> Listen here 

ABC Radio National | February 4
Lewis Blayse, a tireless campaigner passed away this week but not before he saw the day on which the Salvation Army, within which he was abused, called to account at a public hearing of the Commission. Cathy Kezelman reflects on his legacy and the progress of and expectations from the Royal Commission to date >> Listen here

ABC Radio National | January 27
Dr. Kezelman speaks on ABC radio national as the public hearing into the Salvation Army gets underway >> Listen here

ABC News | February 2014 | Child abuse victim Lewis Blayse's final interview: 'Let no child walk this path again>> Click here
ASCA would like to commend the courage and humanity of Lewis Blayse while commemorating his passing. May his words "Let no child walk this path again" come to fruition. 

Australia and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry | January 2014 >>
Dr. Pam Stavropoulos, ASCA’s Head of Research, has co-authored the following two articles with Professor Warwick Middleton, Ass Professor Martin Dorahy and other members of ISSTD scientific committee. Both articles pertinent to the issue of institutional abuse and the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. 

>> Institutional abuse and societal silence: An emerging global problem

>> The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Royal Commission First Anniversary Fact Sheet
| January 2014
>> Click here


SBS | September 16
Child abuse survivor says inquiry 'a good start' listen here>
Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual buse | September 16
Media Release on public hearing more>
Newcastle Herald | September 15
Royal Commission: Abuse victims suffer in hands of system more>
SMH | September 14
Questions abound as the royal commission sifts through thousands of cases coming before it more>
The World Today | 3 June
Dr. Cathy Kezelman speaks to World Today about “Concern about expert trauma support for abuse survivors” as the Royal Commission starts to hear stories in private session listen here>
Sydney Morning Herald | 7 May
Vitims of abuse to testify in private more>
Radio National | 7 May
Dr Cathy Kezelman Interviewed at the beginning of the Royal Commission hearings listen here>
The Age | 13 April
Royal Commission Counselling Pledge more>
ABC Radio | 3 April
Royal Commission into Child Abuse Begins in Australia more>
Financial Review | 3 April
ASCA Ambassadors, Chrissie and Anthony Foster outside court at opening of Royal Commission, At Least 5000' Will Want to Appear at Commission more> |  3 April
Church Will Pay compo to Child Sex Victim more>
Radio National | 3 April
Radio National interview Cathy Kezelman, ASCA President and Wayne Chamley from Broken rites speak with Fran Kelly on day 1 of the Royal Commision listen here>
AAP | 3 April
'It's very important for the health and wellbeing of everyone coming forward, but also for everyone involved in the commission,' Dr Kezelman. more>
Sydney Morning Herald | 14 February
Senior church figures ordered to attend sex abuse inquiry more>
Press TV | 16 January
Claire Pascoe, a survivor and Dr. Cathy Kezelman, ASCA President speak with Press TV Sydney about the upcoming Royal Commission [interview] listen here>
The Australian | 17 January
No Hiding Behind Payouts for Abuse: Inquiry Chief more>
The Australian | 16 January
Payout Demands to Swamp Inquiry more>

Kiribilli House Morning Tea for Advocates and Survivors, hosted by Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Minister for Family, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs |12 January

 Dr. Cathy Kezelman, Minister Jenny Macklin and Janey Kelf, ASCA member on lawns of Kirribilli House

Dr. Cathy Kezelman, Minister Jenny Macklin and Janey Kelf, ASCA member on lawns of Kirribilli House


SMH | 12 January
Reactions on the Royal Commission more>
The Australian | 12 January
 Churches and victims give enquiry support more>
The Australian | 12 January 2013
Victims' groups embrace framework for Royal Commission more>
Financial Review | 12 January
Older victims will finally speak up more>
The Project TV | 11 January
The Royal Commission on The Project, Channel 10 more>
The Daily Telegraph | 12 January
As the Royal Commissioners are announced, ASCA calls for a Commission which is trauma-informed more>
SMH | 11 January
The Royal Commission will stay focussed on institutional child sexual abuse but the choice of expert Commissioners from a range of backgrounds is most welcome more>
SMH | 11 January
The Royal Commission is an important start to beginning to address the profound injustice of child abuse more> | 11 January
Anthony Foster, ASCA patron welcomes the announcement of the Royal Commission more>
SMH | 11 January
Too many blind to vile crime of child sex abuse more>
The Punch | 11 January
“Time to tear off the blindfold of child sex abuse” – opinion piece by Dr. Cathy Kezelman, ASCA President published in The Punch more>
The Australian | 11 January
Inquiry to have six commissioners and a special unit to hear child abuse claims more>


The Age | 24 November
Abuse survivors flood helplines more> | 24 November
Abuse support groups overwhelmed with calls from victims more> [links to podcast and video including ASCA commentary]
The Australian | 20 November
Nicola Roxon dampens sex abuse victims’ expectations more> | 19 November
Concerns Royal Commission will be swamped with claims more> [includes podcast]
The Australian | 19 November
Legal firms circle child abuse probe as victims could swamp royal commission more>
Monash Weekly | 19 November
Church Sex Abuse survivors begin a journey to justice more>
National Times | 13 November
Victims welfare key in abuse inquiry more>
The Australian | 13 November
David Hill says the Commission will open a hornet’s nest more>