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A tribute to Anthony Foster – a true champion of righteousness
The untimely death of Anthony Foster spurned an unprecedented national outpouring of tributes. The Victorian Premier, The Hon Daniel Andrews MP hosted...

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Blue Knot Foundation pays tribute to Anthony Foster
THE Blue Knot Foundation has paid tribute to Anthony Foster – who championed the Newcastle Herald’s campaign for a child abuse royal commi...

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Mothering At The Edge
Life has been so sweet of late and that, for me, has been emotional. I feel a mixture of joy and disbelief. This time of mothering a teen as a parent ...

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Stop Treating Solutions like Problems - An ACE's Informed Approach to Substance Abuse Treatment
“We treat people’s solutions as problems.”  Vincent Felitti MD, eminent author of the original ACE’s (Adverse Childhood E...

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Sex worker or Soldier? Who is more likely to have PTSD?
When we think about post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), we most often think of soldiers traumatised by their experiences of war. But the statistics...

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It has taken a long time for the myriad effects of childhood trauma to be named and understood. Doing so is a precursor to effective treatment. While ...

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Changing The Conversations About Trauma
Childhood trauma is all around us. It is the theme of this year’s Oscar-winning movie Moonlight, about a young boy abused by his mother and gang...

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Have you… Been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder, such as Schizophrenia? Experienced childhood abuse or neglect? Taken, or ...

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How to be Trauma-Informed – for Real!
Okay, we’ve got it: Not “What’s wrong with you?” but “What happened to you?” That explosive outburst? The child wh...

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Catholic Church child sexual abuse statistics are an indictment on the church, say survivors
By Cathy Kezelman THE opportunity afforded by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has been unprecedented. Thousa...

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“Blue Knot Foundation has a key role to play in the building of community capacity in care provision to those who have experienced childhood abuse and trauma in any environment.”

NIALL MULLIGAN Manager, Lifeline Northern Rivers

“I think Blue Knot Foundation is a fantastic support organisation for people who have experienced childhood trauma/abuse, for their families/close friends and for professionals who would like to learn how to more effectively work with these people.”

Psychologist Melbourne

“It's such a beautiful thing that you are doing. Helping people to get through this.”


“It was only last September when I discovered the Blue Knot Foundation website and I will never forget the feeling of support and empathy that I received when I finally made the first phone call to Blue Knot Helpline, which was also the first time I had ever spoken about my abuse.”


"At last there is some sound education and empathetic support for individuals and partners impacted by such gross boundary violations.”


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