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Blue Knot Foundation in the News

RiotACT| 9 Jan 2019| Minister has nothing to say on ACT involvement in sex offender register

Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton’s call to create a sex offender register across Australia has ignited national commentary about whether it’s a useful measure to keep our children safe or politically expedient populism.

Herald Sun| 9 Jan 2019| National sex offender register must be informed by what works

Families would be safer if Australian child sex offenders were publicly listed online, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says. But a leading child protection group has dismissed the minister’s push for a national child sex offender register as a “political stunt”.

Kidspot | 16 Dec 2018 | Children are the forgotten victims of domestic violence

Dr Cathy Kezelman AM, President of the Blue Knot Foundation addresses how domestic violence can impact the children caught in the middle following White Ribbon Day.

Tarryn* was just 12 years old when she was raped by a man offering girls in his community cannabis and cigarettes in exchange for sex. In the weeks and years that followed the assault, she was overcome by feelings of shame and emptiness and forced to leave the town she grew up in, where her abuser still lived.

ABC News|12 Nov 2018| Ben Lawrence and Cathy Kezelman in conversation

After Jason King's brother died in a car accident, Jason was consumed by grief. But when Jason found that he was able to talk to his brother's ghost, it helped to relieve his grief and led to a new weekend job: ghosthunter.

Morning Bulletin| 29 Oct 2018| Real lives, Real Change : Blue Knot Day

For many Central Queenslanders, the daily pain of living with childhood trauma is often not talked about

Pro Bono Australia| 23 Oct 2018| Calls to remove charity status of abusive organisations

Charities involved in institutional abuse that fail to enter the national redress scheme should lose their charitable status, abuse survivors say amid the prime minister’s national apology to survivors of child sexual abuse.

ABC News| 19 Sep 2018| South Australia one of the last states to remove time limits for child abuse compensation

South Australia has become one of the last states in the country to remove time limits on child abuse victims taking civil action against their abuser. A bill to remove the statute of limitations on child abuse passed State Parliament yesterday, on the same day the state formally joined the national redress scheme for victims of institutional child sexual abuse.

Guardian| 14 Sep 2018| A ghost hunter investigates his own haunted childhood 

In a new documentary, a Sydney security guard’s ghostbusting business becomes a metaphor for unearthing the spectres of his past.
Third Sector| 6 Jul 2018| Photo Exhibition to raise money for sexual abuse survivors

The fundraising event will be held as part of the exhibition, featuring guest speakers including the Minister for Mental Health, Martin Foley. All funds will go to the Dax Centre and Blue Knot Foundation, Australia’s National Centre of Excellence for Complex Trauma.

ABC News| 13 June 2018| Leadership, monitoring and accountability needed to help keep our children safe in institutions’

More than 400 recomendations were made, aimed at stopping abuse and improving the way peadophiles are investigated and prosecuted. It also spelled out the need for a national redress scheme which is due to start next month.

Central News|  6 June 2018 | NSW Attorney General introduces criminal justice reform around child sexual abuse building on Royal Commission recommendations

Attorney General Mark Speakman announced the package on Wednesday morning following a series of recommendations by the recent Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse.

Kid Spot|  16 May 2018 | Child Abuse within family is often a secret. Speaking out can be challenging and takes a lot of courage

After her father committed suicide when she was 16, Raquel decided to start sharing her story. Two years later, her abuser was found guilty. Raquel credits the act of speaking out as part of her healing process, and part of the reasoning behind the decision to launch her podcast. 

PRO-BONO Australia|  9 April 2018 | Social Sector Urged to implement 'Trauma-Informed' approach to service delivery

The Blue Knot Foundation released its Talking About Trauma report on Saturday to coincide with World Health Day, as a new guide for services to improve their engagement with survivors of childhood trauma.

Herald Sun|15 February 2018|What we all need to know about memory

Why do we sometimes struggle to remember? If you’re not sure, you're not alone. There’s been a lack of understanding about memory for a long time – and it’s had dire consequences. That’s because many victims of abuse only recover memories of their trauma years later, and when they do they’re often not believed, or taken seriously – in the justice or health system, or with family and friends. That can stop them getting justice or the right treatment, causing untold harm.

PRO-BONO Australia|  18 December | Social Sector Urges Action in Wake of Royal Commission Findings

The social sector has urged Australian institutions to commit to systemic change in wake of the findings from the child sexual abuse royal commission, as concerns are raised around the exemptions to governance standards offered to religious charities

SMH | 7 November | What if we knew domestic violence was a cause of suicide?>>
Every day eight Australians take their own lives. What if we could cut that in half tomorrow?

SMH | 30 September | Child abuse activist Cathy Kezelman hits back over 'false memory' claims>>
A leading child abuse activist linked to the $500 million child abuse royal commission. 

ABC | 23 August | Royal Commission report highlights ADF failures allowed child abuse>>
ADF needs to implement cultural systemic change with zero policy for abuse.

The Guardian | 17 August | Abuse inquiry reforms would put more paedophiles in jail, experts say>>
Proposed legislative changes recommended by Royal Commission will optimise justice processes for victims

PRObono Australia | 16 August | Recommendations to criminal justice system prioritise role of victims >>
Proposed legislative changes recommended by Royal Commission will optimise justice processes for victims

AP NEWS | 15 August | Australian inquiry: Priests should report abuse confessions>>
Zero tolerance to revelations of institutional child sexual abuse, including the confessional

The China Post | 27 July |Australia's Cardinal Pell, the Vatican's top banker, to plead not guilty to sex offence charges>>
Cardinal Pell faces multiple historical sexual offense charges.

Echonetdaily | 23 June | Childhood sexual assault: healing at Heartfelt house>>
Moving forward from childhood sexual abuse and creating a positive life is a challenge – supporting people to achieve this is the purpose of Heartfelt House (HFH) in Wollongbar near Lismore. 

The Herald | 15 June | Bathurst's St Stanislaus College confronted by former student>>
Victims need to be prioritised by institutions providing apologies 

The Age | 8 June | Catholic schools ordered to stop kids' confession behind closed doors>>
Catholic schools have been ordered to stop hearing childrens' confessions behind closed doors, as Melbourne Catholic Archbishop Denis Hart responds to new child safety rules. 

The Newcastle Herald | 4 June | Tributes to Anthony Foster - a champion for truth, justice and integrity>>
THE Blue Knot Foundation has paid tribute to Anthony Foster – who championed the Newcastle Herald’s campaign for a child abuse royal commission – on the eve of his state funeral in Melbourne on Wednesday.

The Daily Telegraph | 1 June | We must encourage children to speak up when adults cross the line>>
ONE drunk man. One sleazy thought. One wandering hand. That’s all it took to fracture a part of me that harboured trust for others.

The Newcastle Herald | 11 May | Lake Macquarie Council slammed over photographs of Milton Orkopoulos and Douglas Carley>>
Portraits of two senior public officials who are convicted sex offenders remain hanging in the Lake Macquarie City Council chambers, to the outrage of advocates for survivors of abuse.

ABC | 10 May | National child sex abuse redress scheme gets budget allocation>>
The Federal Budget has allocated $33.4 million to the setting up of the national redress scheme for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse. Supporters of the scheme have welcomed the funding and are urging the states, churches and charities to opt-in to the scheme.

ABC | 31 March | Final week of public hearings for Royal Commission into child sexual abuse>>
Since they began in 2013, there've been hearings into public and private schools, detention centres, out of home care, sporting clubs, dance and performing arts academies, the scouts and churches, including the Catholic, Anglican, Uniting, Jehovah's Witnesses and Salvation Army. Twelve-hundred witnesses have appeared. The Royal Commission's final report is due mid December. 

The Newcastle Herald | 23 February | Catholics for Renewal president Peter Johnstone says Vatican diplomatic recognition is in question because of abuse crisis>>
A former senior federal and state government executive and leading Australian Catholic reform group president has backed calls for Australia to break diplomatic ties with the Vatican over the tragedy of child sexual abuse.

Pro Bono Australia | 30 January | Controversial Thriller Splits Audience Over Portrayal of DID>>
Mental health advocates are calling for an open conversation about Dissociative Identity Disorder in the wake of claims the new psychological thriller Split “stereotypes and sensationalises” those struggling with mental illness.

SBS | 26 January | "It's stigmatising": Doctor slams film 'Split' for multiple personality disorder portrayal>>
A leading Australian mental health expert has slammed the creators of the US horror film 'Split', saying it wrongfully portrays a debilitating multiple personality disorder.

The Australian | 17 January | Police chiefs planning to apologise to child-sex abuse victims>>
The nation’s police commissioners are set to make a historic apol­ogy to the victims of child-sex abuse in institutional care who were not believed when they reported these crimes or, worse, were returned to their abusers.

ProBono Australia | December 16 | Members Revealed for National Redress Scheme>>
A broad group of specialists from across Australia have been appointed to advise the national redress scheme for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse, creating “a unique opportunity to show survivors that they have been listened to and heard”.

Independent UK | December 13 | How childhood trauma could affect your life expectancy, relationships and mental health>>
Childhood abuse can create long-lasting scars, damage our perception of the world and set our brains to self-destruct until we are well into our 50s, say experts. 

While the relationships that we form at a young age help us to develop, if they are destructive, they can negatively impact the rest of our lives.

Next Avenue | December 8 | Childhood Trauma Effects Often Persist Into 50s and Beyond>>
The responses to an open-ended online survey question were heart-wrenching.

Those five years ruined everything. My self-identity is sad, melancholic, shy, retiring and angry… never content or at peace.

Radio New Zealand | December 5 | Australia's Royal Commission has lessons for NZ>>
The head of an Australian child abuse support organisation says New Zealand could learn from her country's Royal Commission into historic abuse. The commissioner has heard historic claims from people abused in churches and state institutions in Australia and has set up a redress scheme.

The Daily Telegraph | December 1 | Uniting Church under fire for ‘disowning the past’ over child sex abuse and ‘avoiding’ religious symbols>>

An unholy war has broken out within one of the state’s biggest church denominations after it admitted to steering clear of religious symbols and even the word “Christ” as part of a rebranding and new advertising to avoid criticism over child sex abuse.

The Guardian | November 24 | Federal government ‘dragging its heels’ on child abuse redress scheme>>

Anti-child abuse campaigners have urged federal and state governments to avoid playing political games with the national redress scheme, after Victoria said the federal government for “dragging its heels” and keeping survivors in the dark.

The Mercury | November 24 | Talking Point: Child sex abuse scheme fails on too many levels>>

Like many Tasmanians, I was shocked and appalled by evidence given at the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse. All abuse of children is horrendous, but it is particularly abhorrent for abuse to be committed by people entrusted with the care of those children.

Herald Sun | November 23 | Victoria’s court system under fire after jailing a man for shooting a kangaroo while releasing a man for having sex with a child>>

A man has been jailed for shooting a kangaroo a day after the state’s highest court upheld a good behaviour bond for a security guard who routinely had sex with a child. 

Canberra Times | November 7 | Parents urged to hold children close as figures show childhood trauma leads to adult mental health issues>>

A leading mental health advocate has urged parents to provide a safe environment for their children, from birth, to prevent later life impacts, after new figures were released showing up to 88 per cent of adult survivors of childhood trauma develop mental health problems.

Sydney Morning Herald | November 4 | Turnbull government announces massive compensation scheme for sex abuse victims>>

States, churches and charities are under pressure to support the federal government's national scheme to compensate victims of child sexual abuse with payments of up to $150,000.

The Guardian | November 4 | Child sex abuse survivors may get up to $150,000 in national compensation scheme>>

A new national compensation scheme for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse has been designed to have “maximum reach to Australian victims”, the social services minister has said.

Herald Sun | November 4 | Child sex abuse victims to access up to $150k under Federal Government scheme>>

Child sex abuse victims will be able to access up to $150,000 in compensation under a multi-million-dollar national redress scheme announced by the Federal Government.

Huffington Post | November 4 | $150,000 Each For Victims Of Child Sex Abuse In Government Redress Scheme>>

Victims of institutional child sex abuse will each be able to access $150,000 in compensation, under a federal government redress scheme announced on Friday, but not all states are keen to opt into the scheme.

Herald Sun | August 27 | Judges 'need a reality check'>>

Victoria's County Court has been accused of being out of touch with modern community values in the wake of two sexual assault cases involving young girls.

SMH News | July 31 | What to do if you suspect child abuse>>

Reporting suspected child sexual abuse is hard but staying silent is worse. That's the verdict from child protection experts on how to act on suspicions a child is being abused.

Canberra Times | July 28 | Police investigating Cardinal George Pell child abuse allegations: report>>

Police are investigating multiple allegations of child abuse against Australia's most senior Catholic cleric, Cardinal George Pell, including that he touched the genitals of children while swimming in a public pool in Ballarat in the late 1970s.

ABC News | June 27 | Abuse survivor advocates push for national redress scheme in lead-up to election day>>

Advocates for survivors of child sexual abuse are ramping up their campaign for a national redress scheme ahead of this weekend's federal election.

SMH News | May 10 | Blue Knot Foundation calls for a single national redress scheme>>

Calling for a full commitment for single national redress scheme – this should not be a partisan issue.

Herald Sun | April 29 | Blue Knot Foundation calls on government action for a national Redress Scheme>>

On back of Royal Commission private session announcement Blue Knot Foundation calls on Government action around a national Redress scheme.

ABC News | April 29 | Announcement that no more registrations will be taken for the Royal Commission>>

With announcement today that no more registrations will be taken by the Royal Commission after 30th September, Blue Knot Foundation supports the Commission in calling for an ongoing forum for survivors to tell their story and be heard. 

MHPN | April 21 | MHPN wins international Audio-Visual Media Achievement Award>>

The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD) has awarded theMental Health Professionals’ Network, the 2016 Audio-Visual Media Achievement Award for a series of four complex trauma professional development webinars that supported the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

ABC News | April 20 | Catholic Church scraps 'blind reporting' and updates police abuse cases >>

The Catholic Church has revealed that it has provided NSW Police with more than 200 updated reports of child sexual abuse, after abandoning a protocol known as 'blind reporting'.

Pro Bono Australia | April 12 | Rebranding for Childhood Trauma NFP>>

A major Not For Profit organisation for adult survivors of childhood trauma has rebranded into the Blue Knot Foundation to encourage new conversations around trauma – on the heels of the Royal Commission inquiry into institutional responses to child sexual abuse.

The Australian | April 7 | Freda Briggs leaves kids a better world>>

Professor Briggs, 85, died in hospital surrounded by family on Wednesday night after suffering a stroke on a flight from Indonesia on Monday. The University of South Australia emeritus professor had been in Jakarta advising government and education representatives.

The Age | April 4 | Former Ballarat bishop Ronald Mulkearns dies at 85>>

Known as the "keeper of secrets", a key bishop responsible for moving paedophile priests around Victorian parishes for decades, has died.
Ronald Mulkearns, who was the Catholic bishop of Ballarat for nearly 30 years, died on Sunday night at the age of 85 after a long battle with colon cancer.

The Courier | March 16 | Sex victims groups push for redress>>

Childhood sexual abuse survivor advocate groups and the Catholic Church are mounting pressure on the federal government to adopt a national redress scheme.

Newcastle Herald | March 16 | Child abuse leaders have challenged a proposal for the states to oversee a national redress scheme>>

Organisations representing child abuse victims have called on the Federal Government to commit to a national redress scheme for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse after the government indicated it favoured a state-based approach.

Sydney Morning Herald | March 15 | Child sexual abuse compensation could be paid in state schemes>>

Child sexual abuse survivors have joined the Catholic Church to call on the Turnbull government to commit to a national redress scheme, fearing they will receive different levels of compensation, depending on where they were abused, through state-run schemes.

Daily Mail | February 28 | Spotlight: Top Vatican cardinal to testify about sex abuse>>

One of the highest-ranking Vatican officials is being compelled to testify in public starting Sunday about clerical sex abuse, an unusual demonstration of holding even the most senior Catholic bishops accountable.

Newcastle Herald | February 16 | Academy Award-nominated film Spotlight is previewed by a video on Australian child abuse>>

AUSTRALIA’S leading organisation supporting survivors of childhood sexual abuse and trauma has funded a one-minute video to screen with Academy Award-nominated film Spotlight.

ABC Radio | February 9 | Child abuse campaigners welcome conflict of interest investigation into former Qld Solicitor-General>>

The former solicitor-general of Queensland is facing criticism for representing Brisbane Grammar School at the child abuse Royal Commission, while previously advising a victim over a possible lawsuit against the school.

Women's Agenda | February 8 | Clarity urgently needed from Turnbull on redress for institutionalised child abuse>>

In a joint statement issued last week by the Federal Attorney General and Minister for Social Services, we saw a welcome commitment by both parties to ‘lead the development of a national approach to redress for victims of institutional child sexual abuse.’

Campaign Brief | February 4 | ASCA relaunches cinema spot highlighting childhood trauma and abuse via Matterhorn>>

ASCA, the leading national organization dedicated to improving the lives of Australian adults who have experienced childhood trauma and abuse, has relaunched a cinema spot created a year ago by Sydney agency Matterhorn, which highlights the fact that a staggering 1in 4 adults in Australia have experienced childhood trauma and abuse.

Mumbrella | February 4 | Matterhorn turns Spotlight on child abuse with cinema campaign highlighting hidden victims>>

Oscar nominated film, Spotlight, has returned attention to Australian public service campaign,, created by Sydney agency Matterhorn for Adult Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA) a year ago.

The Citizen | February 3 | 'Spotlight' to get anti-abuse message at Australian screenings>>

Cinemas across the country will air a one-minute video highlighting the prevalence of child abuse in Australia. The video was developed as part of the 2014 ‘1 in 4’ campaign by Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA). It shows four men around a barbecue and notes that one may have experienced abuse or trauma as a child.

The Guardian | January 31 | Child sexual abuse support group dismayed over national redress scheme>>

Anger and confusion has followed a federal government announcement indicating it is not likely to implement a key recommendation of the child abuse royal commission that it establish a national redress scheme for victims of institutional child sexual abuse.

Government Press Release | January 29 | Developing a national approach to redress for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse>>

The Commonwealth Government will lead the development of a national approach to redress for victims of institutional child sexual abuse. The announcement follows careful consideration of the Redress and Civil Litigation report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

The Courier | January 14 | Sex abuse compensation decision due soon>>

Ballarat clergy abuse survivors say a national compensation and support scheme, proposed by a child sex abuse royal commission must be the “absolute minimum” support given to victims.

The Herald | January 14 | Child abuse advocate Kathy Kezelman calls on government to adopt recommendation for a national scheme>>

THE Federal Government will announce whether it supports a national compensation and support scheme for survivors of historic child sexual abuse before the end of January.

Nine News | January 14 | Don't betray abuse survivors, government urged>>

The president of a leading research and support group for child sex abuse survivors says the Turnbull government must not back away from a national redress scheme. Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA) president Cathy Kezelman says this federal government has already invested heavily in the child abuse royal commission by extending it to 2017 and therefore must take on board its national redress scheme recommendation.

The Age | December 23 | St Patrick's Cathedral investigated for child sex abuse>>

The Catholic Church in Melbourne has been hit with child sexual abuse claims just two days before Christmas as police target allegations that fall directly under the leadership of George Pell. In a rare public statement, Sano taskforce detectives investigating historic allegations of abuse have made an appeal for information about sexual assaults at St Patrick's Cathedral between 1996 and 2001.

Jewish News | December 18 | ‘Significant step’ towards healing>>

Former Yeshivah principal Rabbi Avrohom Glick described a function at the school last week where he shared the stage with child sexual abuse victims as a “significant step”. Rabbi Glick, who was principal when more than a dozen students were abused by paedophiles, acknowledged and apologised for the mistakes and the failings of the past.

Women's Agenda | December 11 | Children of domestic violence - the silent, lasting effects>>

The need to respond proactively to trauma and violence in our society, as well as globally, has never been more urgent. From threats of terrorism, civil wars, genocide to those of domestic violence and child abuse we need to understand the impacts of trauma and address them. Repeated traumas reap havoc on individuals, families and societies, even after the overt threats have abated. Repercussions are cumulative, compounded and insidious.

J-Wire | December 10 | Silent no more>>

Billed as a night for reflection, understanding, healing and regret, Silent No More is Melbourne’s Yeshivah Centre’s response towards the widespread child sexual abuse which has existed in the school system since the 1980s.

AAP | November 5 | NSW, Vic support national redress scheme>>

ABUSE The Catholic Church's Truth, Justice and Healing Council has welcomed the news. Council CEO Francis Sullivan said there now seemed to be an inevitability about the royal commission's redress scheme becoming a reality. "The NSW and Victorian governments and the Catholic Church account for roughly 75 per cent of the cost of the 10-year scheme so there is no longer any excuse for other institutions, particularly other state governments, not to become part of the scheme," Mr Sullivan said.

Sydney Morning Herald | November 5 | NSW, Victoria support national compensation scheme for child abuse survivors>>

The two largest states will contribute compensation to child sexual abuse victims to cover any shortfall from major institutions responsible for abuse if a national redress scheme is established. NSW and Victoria are the first states to publicly declare they will become funders of last resort, though it is unclear what proportion of funds they are prepared to contribute.

The Senior | November 4 | Urgent need for adult child abuse survivors redress scheme>>

MORE than a quarter of people calling the Adult Survivors of Child Abuse hotline are over 60, as calls for a national redress scheme to support adult victims intensify.
Adults Surviving Child Abuse president Dr Cathy Kezelman said as people aged and prepared to enter aged care, traumatic issues from the past were likely to resurface.

Worthy Podcast | November 2 | Episode 5: I Survived>>

A podcast of an interview done by Alexia Boland with ASCA President Dr Cathy Kezelman AM on recovering from child abuse and trauma.

Medical Observer | October 27 |  GPs urged to spot child abuse signs amid spike in referrals>>

Referrals to a support group for adult survivors of child abuse are growing rapidly, particularly among over 50s, prompting its president to issue a reminder for GPs to “keep trauma on their radar”. Referrals to Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ACSA) increased 2.6-fold in the year to September 2014, with a particularly noteworthy rise among 50-59 year olds.

International Business News | October 27 | Labor set to offer $33M compensation for sexually abused children>>

The Labor party on Monday promised $33 million for the rehabilitation of child sexual abuse victims should they win the next federal election. According to a report on redress and civil litigation, an estimated 60,000 adult survivors of child sex abuse would be eligible for compensation amounting between $10,000 and $200,000 with this amount. On average, the compensation payment would be around $65,000.

The Australia | October 27 | Calls for bipartisanship to abuse redress>>

Child abuse survivors have called for a bipartisan approach to a national compensation scheme for thousands of people who were sexually and physically abused as children when they were in the care of institutions.

The Guardian | October 27 | Labor promises $33m compensation scheme for child sexual abuse survivors>>

Bill Shorten announces that Labor will set up a fund to offer compensation to up to 60,000 adult survivors if it wins the federal election. Up to 60,000 adult survivors of child sex abuse could receive monetary compensation through a national redress scheme if Labor wins office at the next federal election, the party announced on Tuesday.

The Guardian | October 26 | Older survivors of child sex abuse tread long hard road in search of redress>>

The royal commission into child sex abuse is providing a circuit breaker for many survivors who have carried the burden of their abuse in silence for decades. Simon Cole was nearly 40 years old when he read a newspaper article noting the conviction of the man who he alleges abused him as a child. For a decade prior, he had been slowly piecing together the effect that the childhood abuse had had on his mental health.

ABC News | October 26 | Newcastle community urged to work together in fallout from child sexual abuse revelations>>

An advocate for victims of child sexual abuse says a community-wide approach is needed to deal with the ramifications of the abuse revelations. Dr Cathy Kezelman, president of the Adults Surviving Child Abuse organisation, said the community needed to gain an understanding of the lasting impacts trauma could have on child abuse victims.

ABC News | October 22 | Child abuse victims to pre-record evidence after NSW law change>>

The NSW Government is preparing to introduce changes to the law that it says would better support victims of child sexual abuse in the court system. An amendment is being introduced which will give children access to a care-giver and allow them to pre-record their evidence. Supporters of abuse victims say more needs to be done to encourage children to come forward. | October 10 | Cassie’s story shows survivors of child abuse can move on with their lives>>

The 24-year-old Perth woman isn’t even sure when the abuse exactly happened, but her first memory of being raped by her stepfather was when she was eight years old. “I was asleep when it happened so I don’t know whether it happened before or not, but the first time happened when I was eight that I was aware,” she told

Nine News | October 1 | Inquiry into abuse support services hailed>>

An investigation into the adequacy of current treatment services for child abuse survivors has been welcomed by the organisation that supports an estimated five million Australian adults affected by childhood trauma.

ABC News | September 30 | Questions remain over future of national abuse redress scheme>>

With a Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting expected just weeks away, survivors of child abuse are ramping up their campaigns for a national compensation scheme. It hangs on support from the Federal Government, and so far there is confusion about whether the scheme will get the tick of approval.

Herald Sun | September 24 | Children the unheard voices of this domestic violence plague >>

MY father was the trifecta of deadbeat dads — a violent, alcoholic gambler. A classic abuser who worked hard to cut us off from the rest of the family and controlled all of our relationships.

The Australian | September 15 | 'No need to tell police about sex abuse': Geelong Grammar >>

Geelong Grammar School’s official guidelines on sexual assaults state they do not have to be reported to police, sparking a backlash from welfare experts.

The Australian | September 4 | Child sex abuse commission: Mother ‘sent bill after boy assaulted’ >>

Geelong Grammar’s reputation has taken another serious hit amid more evidence at the royal commission of brutal handling of child sex abuse ­victims, including expelling a boy two days after he was assaulted and sending a bill for his outstanding fees.

Adele Horin - Coming of Age | August 23 | Caring for the parent who never cared for you >>

If a parent has been mean, unloving or even abusive towards you as a child do you have an obligation to care for them in their old age? It’s a loaded question for many adult children who harbour anger, resentment and bitterness towards a needy parent and struggle with feelings of guilt.

The Warwick Daily News | August 20 | Survivor group backs plan >>

CHILDCARE workers across Queensland reported 1124 suspected child abuse cases in the year ending March 31, 2015, compared to more than 18,771 cases reported by school staff over the period.

ASCA Media Release | August 19 | Australia’s child abuse support organisations come together to call for Government action to implement Royal Commission’s recommendations >>
The leading national organisation for adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse, Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA), has banded together with three other key organisations to call on Governments for justice and support for survivors. 

Women's Agenda | August 17 | The lasting impact of childhood family violence >>
The crimes of family violence and child abuse first hit the headlines in the 1970s and 1980s when political feminist waves exposed the issues within Australian society. For the first time, sexual and other forms of abuse and violence were publicly named, personal stories were told and power imbalance and control were identified as key factors in the perpetration of such violence.

Mamamia | June 25 | New laws mean life in prison for convicted paedophiles >>
Child sex offenders in NSW face life imprisonment under tougher new laws. Previously, the maximum sentence for sexual intercourse with a child under 10 was 25 years — but last night, NSW Parliament passed legislation increasing the maximum sentence to life.

SBS | June 25 | Feds cut funding for child abuse support >>
ASCA lost funding for crucial survivor workshops from the federal government 12 months ago when a community investment program was folded.

The Australian | June 16 | Showbiz industry urged to speak up to child-sex abuse enquiry >>
Victims’ advocates have welcomed calls by the child sexual abuse royal commission for anyone with information on offending within the entertainment industry to come forward. Dr Cathy Kezelman described as “outrageous” news that 84-year-old Harris, who is serving five years and nine months in a British prison for sex crimes against four British girls aged between seven and 19, had written a letter describing his victims as mercenary woodworms and saying life in jail was “no hardship really”.

The Age VIC | June 8 | Scotch College sex abuse victim breaks silence over cover-up of 'hero' molester >>
A former Scotch College student who was sexually abused by a teacher has taken his case to the royal commission, saying the elite school community helped cover up abuse and glorify his molester for decades.

The Age VIC | June 8 | Scotch College fields more historical abuse cases >>
At least two new alleged victims have contacted Scotch College amid its revelations that students were sexually abused at the school. Dr Cathy Kezelman, commended the school for reaching out to its community, and admitting there were historical cases of abuse.

AP News | June 4 | Vatican's No.3 fights allegations in Australian abuse probe >>
Cardinal George Pell is accused of creating a victims' compensation program mainly to protect the church's assets and of using aggressive tactics to discourage victims' lawsuits, all while he was a bishop in Australia.
"There's a profound disappointment and anger that someone in such a position of power and trust, and who is a moral compass for so many, at a fundamental level does not appear to understand the scope and the scale and the horror of the devastation that survivors have experienced," says Cathy Kezelman.

ABC News | May 25 | Melbourne private school Scotch College admits to historical abuse claims >>
Dr Cathy Kezelman, from Adults Surviving Child Abuse, said it was a positive step that the school had admitted to historical sex abuse cases.

9NEWS | May 25 | Scotch College praised for coming clean about past child abuse >>
Prestigious Melbourne boys school Scotch College has been commended for reaching out to potential abuse victims, and revealing it has settled at least five cases of historic child abuse.

The Age | May 25 | Scotch College reveals five cases of abuse, calls for victims to come forward >>
One of Australia's most prestigious private schools has acknowledged, for the first time, that at least five students have been abused on school grounds.

SMH | May 22 | Tardy redress would hurt sex abuse victims further >>
Silenced survivors have been courageous speaking out. Let’s not let them down now.

SMH | April 20 | Society putting child safety first as schools forced to reveal alleged sex abuse >>
The co-operation, honesty and transparency shown by schools would not have occurred even as recently as five years ago.

ABC News | April 13 | Sexual abuse survivors need greater access to psychological care under Medicare, groups say >>
Up to 5,000 abuse survivors a year call ASCA's professional support line. "We know from many of those callers that they haven't been able to access or afford counselling," ASCA president Dr Cathy Kezelman said. "And when they do, often that counselling isn't from someone who's appropriately trained."

SMH Victoria | April 9 | Victims right to report historic sexual abuse: experts >>
Dr Cathy Kezelman AM, said adults were often reluctant to raise concerns about incidents in their childhood because of feelings of shame and concerns about how they might be judged. | March 26 | Call to expand Medicare for abuse victims >>
REDRESS funds for abuse survivors should be used to expand Medicare, a royal commission has been told.

ABC News | March 26 | Commonwealth faces tough questions at abuse enquiry >>
The Federal Government is facing more questions at the child abuse royal commission as to why it does not support a national redress scheme.

Mamamia | March 26 | ASCA has called for an integrated system of care (article 6)
The President of  the Association Adults surviving Child Abuse Dr Cathy Kezelman will appear before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse today.

The Age | March 20 | Shock jock John Laws savages caller claiming to be sex abuse victim >>
"The danger with someone like John Laws is that he has a very broad audience and he's very influential therefore, and if he perpetuates myths at the time when the royal commission is trying to change societal attitudes and views and educate among other things, that's very counterproductive," Dr Kezelman said.

Goondiwindi Argus | March 20 | Goondiwindi abuse victim finds no sympathy from DJ John Laws >>
"What it did show is a complete lack of understanding about what it means to be sexually abused as a child" says ASCA President, Cathy Kezelman.

Mamamia | March 20 | Radio host John Laws has humiliated a sexual assault survivor on his radio show >>
Dr Cathy Kezelman, president of Adults Surviving Child Abuse, believes that comments such as Laws’ can be extremely hurtful. 

RadioInfo | March 20 | Concerns for "Brian" after John Laws reduces caller to tears >>
ASCA President says announcers need to be educated around the effects of sexual assault.
"I am very angry that a courageous man reaching out in such a public way can be belittled and mocked, rather than understood and supported and then badgered into saying thank you for the verbal assault” says Dr Cathy Kezelman.

Femail | March 20 | Dr Cathy Kezelman Adults Surviving Child Abuse Interview >>
ASCA's President talks about revelations from the Economic Report and how addressing unresolved childhood trauma and abuse in adults would save Australian governments billions each year.

March 18 | Senator Penny Wright, Australian Greens' spokesperson for mental health thanking @ASCAORG for assisting survivors of childhood trauma and abuse through a heartfelt speech delivered in Senate >>

RACGP Clinical Pearl | March 17 | Clinical Pearl – Understanding the neurobiology of trauma >>
This week's RACGP clinical pearl of wisdom includes ASCA's Practice Guidelines which RACGP have approved as an Accepted Clinical Resource.

ABC News | March 8 | Jewish leaders vow to undergo renewal following royal commission >>
"There are also workshops planned to educate leaders on how to deal with allegations, with a special workshop to be held in Sydney this week, led by Dr Cathy Kezelman, the president of Adults Surviving Child Abuse," Rabbi Kastel said.

ABC News | March 7 | Victims of sex abuse from other schools will come forward in the wake of the Knox Grammar revelations, a lawyer says >>

Daily Mail Australia | March 4 | Child protection groups applaud NSW laws >>
Sex offenders who have had intercourse with a child under the age of 10 could face life behind bars under a re-elected NSW coalition government.

The Australian Jewish News | February 26 | Special training for NSW rabbis >>
The training for rabbis will begin next week when the Rabbinical Council of NSW holds a session with Dr Cathy Kezelman, who was made a Member of the Order of Australia last month for her advocacy for survivors of child abuse.

Herald Sun | February 24 | Child abuse victims will be able to take legal action regardless of time frame >>
ASCA President, Dr Cathy Kezelman says "A lot of survivors have found the process ... completely traumatising. This is a good move. There’s been far too many impediments for victims to seek justice."

ASCA Media Release | February 4 | Addressing unresolved childhood trauma & abuse in adults would save Australian governments billions each year >> A new report commissioned by Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA) and prepared by Pegasus Economics, released today, showed that as a nation, Australia could save a minimum of $9.1 billion annually by addressing the impacts of unresolved childhood trauma and abuse in adults

Latrobe Valley Express | January 29 | Important step forward >> "We hope that the Gippsland community is inspired by the work of Rosie Batty and Dr Cathy Kezelman in understanding, acknowledging and committing to work together," says Centre Against Sexual Assault chief executive, Fiona Boyle.

Mosman Daily | January 29 | Raising abuse awareness >> ASCA President, Dr Cathy Kezelman says of her appointment as a Member of the order of Australia "I really like to be able to use it as a platform to raise more awareness".

Medical Observer | January 27 | Decades of Dedication >> Dr David Warden receives Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for his services to medicine and community and ASCA President, Dr Cathy Kezelman was named a member of the Order of Australia (AM)

ABC news The Drum | January 26 | Dr Cathy Kezelman AM interview >> Julia Baird talks with Dr Cathy Kezelman AM. Dr Kezelman has been appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for her work as an advocate for survivors of child abuse

Daily Telegraph | January 26 | Lower north shore locals named as Australia Day Honours List announced >> Dr Cathy Kezelman AM has dedicated her life to campaigning for the rights and improved treatment of adult survivors of child abuse.

ABC news | January 26 | Australia Day Honours: NSW residents recognised with Orders of Australia >> Top scientists, charity founders, actors, community heroes and a surfer are among the 824 Australians who have been recognised with Orders of Australia on Australia Day 2015

The Age | January 24 | Sex abuse inquiry puts spotlight on yeshivas >> Orthodox Jewish communities in Sydney and Melbourne are bracing themselves for royal commission hearings into how yeshivas dealt with child sex abuse

9news | January 23 | Call for no limits on abuse victims to sue >> The NSW government is considering lifting the time limit in which survivors of child sexual abuse can sue for damages

Newcastle Herald | January 14 | Support for push to investigate links between sex abuse and suicides >> ASCA has supported a Hunter group’s push for an investigation into possible links between convicted and alleged child sex offenders and the suicides of more than 30 Hunter boys, teenagers and men

SMH | December 12 | Celebrity no longer protection for abusers as survivors speak up >> ASCA's Head of Research, Pam Stavropoulos tells SMH we are beginning to see that celebrity status or positions of power no longer confer immunity from prosecution

mUmBRELLA | November 17 | Campaign highlights statistic of adults suffering from effects of child abuse >> ASCA are urging the public to help those suffering from the impacts of child abuse in adult life in a new campaign

Campaign Brief | November 17 | ASCA launch campaign via Matterhorn urging us to help our friends >> 1 in 4 adult Australians suffer from the effects of childhood abuse or trauma

ASCA Media Release | November 17 | ASCA launches the 1in4 Facebook campaign today >> The campaign is aimed to increase community awareness to show that someone you know could be suffering in silence.

SMH | November 17 | Child abuse helpline calls quadtruple >> Calls to ASCA's Professional Support Line have quadrupled since the start of the royal commission with research finding many survivors wait 30 years or more before seeking support.

The Sunday Times (Perth) | November 2 | Heat on child checks >> PRESSURE is mounting on the Barnett Government to change laws that allow adults to work at fast food outlets without a Working With Children check.

Perth Now | October 26 | Online sex predator was manager of a Perth McDonalds >> ASCA's President, Dr Cathy Kezelman says "The potential exposure of children to a convicted sex offender working at the front line of a business whose main customers are children is not a risk society can accept."

Childmags | October 7 |  Why abuse shouldn't be kept a secret >> Mother of two Zara Butt opens up about the impact of sexual abuse as a child. Dr. Cathy Kezelman says, the more people who speak out and seek help, and the more doctors and other health professionals who are trained to respond appropriately, the greater the opportunities for recovery

AJN | September 4 | Waks quits as head of Tzedek >> ASCA President, Dr. Cathy Kezelman's letter in response to the announcement of Tzedek founder, Manny Waks steppping down.

SBS | August 22 | Abuse victims happy with response: church >> Most victims of pedophile priests are happy with the Catholic Church's Melbourne compensation process, the man in charge of the payouts says. But David Curtain QC says capped payments to victims cannot compensate for the harm done to them.

Hobson Bay Leader | August 20 | Blues Brothers act out to stop abuse >> A BLUES Brothers Tribute Show aims to give audiences a top night out while raising funds for a serious cause.

ABC's The World Today | August 20 | Uncertainty over extension to child abuse royal commission >> Cathy Kezelman, ASCA President speaks with on The World Today about the critical need for a full 2 year extension for the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse

M.A.C.E Australia | August 11 | Children at Risk >> New research shows that the majority of adults who were abused as children were harmed by those in their immediate family rather than by those in religious, educational or health institutions.

Medical Observer | July 22 | Healing from within >> GPs touched personally or professionally by child abuse hope new guidelines will lead to improved care.

Medical Observer | July 15 | Train GPs to better treat child abuse patients >> To help turn the serious issue of child abuse around, GPs, who play a vital role in improving the lives of those affected, need to be fully informed and trained in the area of treating complex trauma

the journal | July 11 | Australian judge to be investigated for 'appalling' comments on incest >> “There are still a lot of myths, still a lot of entrenched, very damaging beliefs and that’s why we need to speak out about it… so we’re not hearing these outrageous statements,” Dr Cathy Kezelman tells Fairfax radio.

The Australian | July 11 | Government refers NSW judge to commission >> SYDNEY judge Garry Neilson has been referred to the NSW Judicial Commission by the Attorney-General after comparing incest to homosexuality

Daily Mail Australia | July 11 | Child abuse victim groups call for judge Garry Neilson to step down >> 'The Attorney General needs to look at his appointment,' Dr Kezelman told Daily Mail Australia.'This level of ignorance cannot be tolerated on our benches.'

9NEWS | July 10 | Sydney Judge slammed for incest comments >> Dr Cathy Kezelman, said his comments were archaic and "beyond belief". | July 10 | Incest, paedophilia 'like being gay', judge says >> ASCA's President, Dr Cathy Kezelman says "To equate homosexuality, incest and the crime of child sexual assault is as ill-informed as it is outrageous".

SMH | July 9 | Judge compares incest and paedophilia to past attitudes towards homosexuality, claiming they might not be taboo anymore >> He also said the "only reason" that incest is still a crime is because of the high risk of genetic abnormalities in children born from consanguineous relationships

The Sunday Times (Perth) | July 6 | Speaking out heals deep pain >> "the importance of victims sharing their stories and about reporting their abuse no matter how long ago it happened"

perth now News | July 5 | WA's shame: ten children sexually abused every week >> As the sentencing of Rolf Harris highlights the issue of child sexual assault further, ASCA calls for more focus on the home, family and neighbourhood quoting stats from its 1300 Professional Support Line

SMH | July 4 | Child safety is measure of abuse inquiry's success >> As ASCA supports calls for a 2 year extension for the Royal Commission it focuses on the need for more support for victims and long lasting change to institutions

Campaign Brief | July 3 | Aussie organisation Adults Surviving Child Abuse appoints Matterhorn as new agency >> "It's great to be back working with Matt and Garry, who have always demonstrated a unique understanding of the issues facing us as an organisation. It's vital for us to leverage all the news surrounding the on-going Royal Commission to further drive awareness and the all important funding. With their help, I have no doubt that we can achieve that." says Dr Cathy Kezelman

 "The two-year extension requested of the Attorney-General, modest in governmental terms, will not only allow the commission to fashion informed recommendations for systemic change, but also scrutinise the implementation of that change" says Dr Cathy Kezelman

702 ABC Sydney | July 1 | To listen to the full interview >>click here Royal commission on child sex abuse has requested a two year extension. Dr Cathy Kezelman, says the extension will allow the commission to look at what change has been achieved

ABC Lateline | June 30 | Royal Commission needs more time and money >> The Royal Commission into the treatment of child sexual abuse by institutions has received so much evidence that it needs two more years and another 104 million dollars to deal with it all. | June 30 | Interim report from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse handed down >> Dr Cathy Kezelman, the President of Adults Surviving Child Abuse, also called for an extension, arguing they were already dealing with allegations linked to more than a thousand institutions.There are currently 1000 more people waiting to speak, with an additional 40 every week coming forward, and more public hearings are required if their voices are to be heard,” she said.

Australian Medical Association | June 24 | Legacy of childhood trauma costs billions >> The AMA reports on the cost of not responding to adults suffering the effects of childhood trauma and how ASCA's practice guidelines should be incorporated in GP training

Mental Health Counsel of Australia | June 12 | Trauma informed Practice >> MHCA's June 2014 Perspectives Newsletter features an article on trauma informed practice by Dr Cathy Kezelman 

Medical Observer | 17 June | Child abuse GP guidelines to save lives >>  Advocates say new guidelines to help GPs treat patients suffering the effects of childhood trauma will shine a light on what many doctors are already doing right

Radio Australia | 10 June | Dr. Kezelman, ASCA President speaks on Radio Australia >> Dr. Kezelman and Terry Laidler from Centre for Mental Health Melbourne University about the need for accessible affordable services for unresolved childhood trauma.

ABC News | May 27 | Janette Dines resignation: Chief executive of royal commission into child sexual abuse steps down >> ASCA expresses concern regarding the resignation of CEO of Royal Commission

The Australian | May 26 | GP's key role for abuse victims >> ASCA advocates for GP education and training for child abuse survivors

SBS on Demand | May 16 | Robert Hughes sentenced to six years in jail >> Actor Robert Hughes has been jailed for a maximum ten years nine months for the sexual and indecent assaults on four girls, decades ago. 

aifs | May 14 | Practitioner's Corner - Responding to the public health issue of complex trauma >> Dr Cathy Kezelman, ASCA President discusses ASCA’s work in developing resources to help practitioners support adult survivors of childhood trauma | April 26 | Royal Commission to hear boys as young as five were abused for decades at Christian Brothers homes>> BOYS as young as five were raped, tortured and emotionally abused for decades at four Christian Brother’s homes in WA, a national inquiry into child sex abuse will hear on Monday.

Canowindra News | April 16 | ASCA's 'Trauma Informed' Workshop at Canowindra's CWA Hall >> The workshop is set to tackle issues surrounding child abuse with a 'trauma-informed' approach to interpersonal relationship

MHCA | April 11 | Members Policy Forum >> 

Dr Cathy Kezleman, MHCA member discusses Trauma Informed Care with the MHCA members policy forum

The Newsroom | April 9 | "Informed and sensitive" discussion on abuse needed >> ASCA's President, Dr Cathy Kezelman talks about the exposure society has to child abuse & domestic violence and it's impacts

Newcastle Herald | March 25 | Seminars for health workers >> ASCA holds workshops to educate health practitioners, adult survivors and also partners & supporters of adult survivors

Lateline | March 24 | Pell suggests a compensation fund for abuse victims >> Cardinal Pell appears at public hearing of Royal Commission. In this Lateline report ASCA Ambassador, Anthony Foster, in talking about a Compensation funds states: “We need a clear, transparent system where victims' lives can be restored to the full value".

ABC News | March 24 | Cardinal George Pell says he was not involved in discussions on compensation payments >> Australia's most senior Catholic cleric, Cardinal George Pell, says he was not involved in discussions about compensation for a man who was sexually abused by a priest.

7News | March 24 | Child sex abuse royal commission: Cardinal George Pell arrives to give testimony >> Dr. Cathy Kezelman, ASCA President attests to the importance of Cardinal Pell’s testimony to establish the truth around the Catholic Church’s response to clergy abuse victim John Ellis.

The West Australian | March 23 | A childhood lost to abuse >> For almost 40 years, Troy Treneman has tried to forget the horrific events that robbed him of a childhood

Newcastle Herald | March 16 | Bishop Wright's call to forgive angers parishioners >> Catholic Bishop Bill Wright has stunned parishioners by urging a community to forgive a ‘‘repentant’’ priest because ‘‘there is more joy in heaven over one repentant sinner than 99 just people.’’

mumbrella | March 7 | Press Council rules against ‘how to pick a paedophile’ article >> ASCA welcomes the decision of the Press Council which has ruled against an article around which ASCA published critical commentary 'how to pick a paedophile'

South Sydney Herald | March 5 | Seven billion faces >> Artist Shelley Kay shares her inspiration, her journey and the role ASCA has played

ABC Radio National | February 27 | the role of medical practitioners >> Demand for men’s support services has exploded since commencement of the Royal Commission

Sydney Morning Herald | February 10 | Catholic Church must open way to transparency >> Cathy Kezelman, ASCA President highlights the need for transparency by the Catholic Church, and all institutions in the context of the Royal Commission and recent UN findings

SBS | February 6 | Aussie support groups back UN report blasting Vatican on sex abuse >> Australian advocacy groups for victims of sexual abuse have thrown support behind a United Nations report, accusing the Vatican of falling far short of its commitment to stem abuse by priests

ABC Radio National | February 4 | Royal Commission pays tribute to Salvo abuse victim >> Royal Commission pays tribute to salvo victim, and tireless campaigner, Lewis Blayse. Dr. Cathy Kezelman reflects on his legacy and the progress of and expectations from the Royal commission to date | January 31 | Attorney General to introduce legislation to prevent paedophiles from using 'good behaviour' in sentencing >> Proposed legislation in South Australia around excluding 'good behaviour' from sentencing of child sex offenders is an Australian first. Prof Freda Briggs, ASCA patron, welcomes the move.

SBS | January 16 | Sky Sports presenter Charlie Webster reveals she was sexually abused >> Prominent UK Sky Sports presenter Charlie Webster breaks her silence and publicly reveals that she was sexually abused at 15, helping to break down the sigma and taboo around abuse.

SBS | January 15 | Australian abuse victims in UK inquiry >> 
ASCA's President, Cathy Kezelman, comments on the Northern Ireland inquiry into child abuse.

SBS | January 14 | Child abuse hearing begins in Belfast >> ASCA’s President, Cathy Kezelman, comments on the harm experienced by child migrants, 61 of whose testimony is contributing to that of an inquiry now underway in Northern Ireland. ASCA supports this inquiry, which is reminiscent of Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, although not as far-reaching.

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