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Research is key to all our work. All of Blue Knot Foundation’s publications are grounded in cutting edge research. Our nationally and internationally acclaimed research influences policy, guides best practice, supports changing attitudes and trauma-informed cultural change.

2018 - Talking about trauma: Guide to conversations and screening for health and other service providers ( Purchase hard copy or register and free download here)

This paper is the second in the Talking about Trauma series, designed to support all personnel working in all services systems to have safe conversations with people who have a lived experience of trauma.

2018 - The Truth of Memory and the Memory of Truth – Different Types of Memory and Significance of Trauma Purchase hard copy or register and free download here )

This paper presents current research around the nature of memory, promoting understanding of memory, understanding of traumatic memory, with insights into the phenomenon of recovered memory

2017 - Talking About Trauma - Guide to Everyday Conversations for the General Public (Register and free download here)

Blue Knot Foundation's Talking about Trauma series responds to growing awareness around the prevalence of past and present trauma. It provides knowledge, tools and strategies needed for safe trauma conversations across different populations.

  • The first in the series guides members of the public to initiate or respond to trauma conversations with family,friends, colleagues and/or people they don't know so well.

2016 - Trauma and the Law: Applying trauma informed practice to legal and judicial contexts(Register and free download here)

With this publication Blue Knot Foundation spearheaded trauma-informed change within and across the legal and judiciary system. Our specialised professional development training and supervision/debriefing supports legal practitioners, other personnel and firms to implement this research into their daily practice. To optimise client and practitioner safety, well-being and outcomes. 

2015 - The Cost of Unresolved Childhood Trauma and Abuse in Adults in Australia (Free download here)

Blue Knot Foundation and Pegasus Economics came together to develop a report on the economic impact of unresolved childhood trauma and abuse in adults in Australia. The report highlights a strategy for addressing the structural budget deficit by addressing the public health issue of childhood trauma and abuse at its core.

2012 - Blue Knot Foundation's Practice Guidelines for Treatment of Complex Trauma and Trauma Informed Care and Service Delivery Purchase hard copy or register and free download here )

These highly acclaimed Practice Guidelines present the collective wisdom of current national and international research in the complex trauma and trauma-informed fields. They have revolutionised possibilities for recovery for the large numbers of people with unresolved "complex trauma" and trauma-informed systems change. They provide the core evidence base for Blue Knot Foundation’s extensive education and training program. 

2010 - Use and Abuse (Free download here)

ASCA, in partnership with the Centre for Gender Related Violence Studies at University of New South Wales conducted a research project exploring the experiences of adult survivors of child abuse in drug and alcohol treatment. The research project aimed to shed new light on the use of alcohol and drugs by adult survivors and the challenges that this poses to professional practice in alcohol and drug services. 

2006 - Ritual Abuse and Torture in Australia (Free download here)