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Blue Knot Day

Talking about trauma for services

Blue Knot Day 2013 Highlights

Blue Knot Day 2013, Blue Knot Foundation's (then ASCA) national day in support of the 4-5 million Australian adult survivors of childhood trauma was celebrated on October 28th, with activities held during the week 28th October - November 3rd 2013.

We thank individuals and communities who helped raise awareness and untangle the knot of child abuse.

On Blue Knot Day 2013 we acknowledged the passion and commitment of Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox, our 2013 Blue Knot award recipient and new ambassador. Peter Fox’s actions are widely considered to be the catalyst to the then Prime Minister, Julia Gillard announcing the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses into Child Sexual Abuse.

Peter FoxDetective Chief Inspector Fox receives Blue Knot Award 2013 from ASCA President, Dr. Cathy Kezelman.

We would also like to further congratulate our 2013 Untangle the knot photo competition winner, Peter Lloyd for capturing the spirit of hope and optimism for recovery in his stunning photograph 'Against All Odds'

Peter's winning photo using the blue knot motif, conveys a powerful message of hope, optimism and recovery.

Peter is married with 3 children and 2 grandchildren. He is a Sydney-sider who lives in Redfern, an area in which he enjoys the buzz of community.
The issue of child abuse is something that has always concerned him although he does not have first-hand experience of it. He has however been emotionally involved with a number of people in his lifetime to understand the damage that it does. Peter heard of the blue knot photo competition from a friend of his wife’s who is still, in her early fifties, battling with the consequences of childhood abuse.  Peter, a keen amateur photographer had never entered a photo competition before.
Peter wanted to portray hope, to present a positive rather than a lot of the negative spin we see today. The title “Against all odds” is very apt. The idea of a seedling prospering in a harsh and desolate environment appealed to him, so he incorporated a blue knot into the image. Peter felt that it portrayed what Blue Knot Foundation (then ASCA) is all about and the judges agreed. 

A special thank you to Mark Tedeschi and Alan Davies, our judges again this year.

Against All Odds imageWinning entry "Against All Odds", by Peter Lloyd.

We also acknowledge the efforts of Audrey Clark who, from a boat in the UK, has raised international awareness. And locally, our Blue Knot Foundation (then ASCA) team took to Wynyard Park to promote Blue Knot Day.

The ASCA Team at Wynyard Park on November 1st, 2013.

At the same time important research was released which was generated from calls to our 1300 line, and which can be seen by clicking here

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact our Blue Knot Helpline on 1300 657 380, which operates 9am-5pm, Monday to Sunday.