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And the winner is....

The team at Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA) would like to thank everybody who participated in our Untangle the Knot photo competition 2014. 

We are thrilled to announce the winner for 2014 is - Gwenda Skewes for the photo titled 'Unravelling the knot to freedom'. 

Gwenda's winning image is, in the words of the judges: “an innovative interpretation of the this year’s theme 'Recovery', using the shape of a growing tree but interspersed with the knots of abuse. It symbolises the past history with the promise of growth today.” 

Unravelling the knot to freedom by Gwenda Skewes,
winner of ASCA's Untangle the Knot photographic competition 2014

ASCA was fortunate to receive the following response from Gwenda when asked what inspired her creation; 
"I was abused by an Uncle, who is now deceased. I was abused half my life: from a very young age until I was 22 years old. I have just started to get help for this and through this process I realised my heart was in a knot. I realised I was not a very emotional person and saw that my counsellor was trying to bring out my recovery bit by bit. This involved taking little knots out of the big knot. The bows represent the beginning of freedom, the untangled rope extending from the bow represents freedom." 

A special thank you to Mark Tedeschi, the head of our judging panel again this year.

Congratulations Gwenda, the proud recipient of this year’s prize to the value of $1,000 sponsored by Artemis Legal and St George Foundation.

ASCA would like to thank our sponsors Artemis Legal, St George Foundation and St George Banking Group for their generous support and contribution of prizes totalling a value of $1000!


Highly Commended

To the Blue House by Clare McKay

Blue Wren Untangling Blue Knot by Patricia Smith