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Blue Knot Day 2017
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Pitt St Church service

On Blue Knot Day every year, Blue Knot Foundation asks communities to unite in support of the 5 million Australian adult survivors of all forms of childhood trauma, including abuse. Part of the recovery process involves communities coming together to acknowledge survivors’ strengths and challenges while spreading messages of hope and optimism.

Faith-based communities play a crucial role in the lives of many Australians, bringing people together, uniting them in support and breaking down the sense of isolation so many survivors often feel. People cannot heal in isolation but coming together in community we can acknowledge the strengths and challenges survivors experience while spreading the messages of hope and optimism which facilitate recovery.

If you are a member of a faith-based community, please consider holding a special service in support of Blue Knot Day this October around the week 16-20th October. If not a service, maybe a moment's silence, or perhaps both. We have included a copy of the interfaith prayers of hope and community from the service which was held at Pitt St. Uniting Church in 2015 (see photo on top right), as a guide. Please feel free to use as little or as much of the prayers and order of service, including the symbolism of the tangled ribbons, the unravelling of which, during the service, is very powerful in community.

Please register your service by completing the Application to Hold an Event form. That way other people in your community can join in, breaking down the feelings of isolation, survivors so often experience.

You may also wish to purchase Blue Knot pins or bracelets from the online shop to distribute at your service.

Promote the service through your local community. Please download the Blue Knot Day 2017 promotional flyer to promote your event in your workplace or community.

Let us know how your service went, we would love to hear about your community and if you have any photos please send them to events@blueknot.org.au

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