Dear Helpline service users, 
We want to let you know that if you left a voicemail after 4pm Thursday afternoon (24th), that it may not have been received due to technical issues. Our IT service provider and phone system have had  issues that have affected delivery of voicemails. Any voicemails left may have been lost. So, please do call the Helpline again to speak to a counsellor. Or email the service via apologise if this has affected you and thank you for your understanding. 
- Helpline Management

For all in-house training enquiries, click here or call us on (02) 8920 3611 to speak to our training team. Download our In-house Training Booklet here



Blue Knot Foundation Services

Blue Knot Foundation provides a number of services for survivors of childhood trauma, family, friends, partners and loved ones of survivors, and professionals and organisations working with survivors.

These include our:

  • Blue Knot Helpline
  • a suite of education and training workshops
  • organisational consultancy
  • group supervision for organisations
  • speaking engagements.