“The supervision provided has been incredibly beneficial. I have learned strategies to assist me in managing vicarious trauma; both strategies which I have been able to apply to specific client situations, and broader strategies which I have used on an ongoing basis.”

TEAGAN LEWIS Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

Group Supervision

Blue Knot Foundation runs a brokerage service whereby we match the needs of organisations/services seeking group/team based supervision with a suitably skilled supervisor. Supervisors are able to facilitate the following: group clinical and non-clinical supervision, group case consultation and debriefing as well as group based support around vicarious trauma and self-care. Other consultation services are available on request.

The service uses trauma-informed processes to efficiently and effectively meet requests from practitioners and other personnel, across the legal, health and human services sectors.

Groups that would benefit from this service include but are not limited to:

  • Interdisciplinary teams working clinically with adult survivors of complex trauma
  • Legal teams working with victims and witnesses of crime
  • Interdisciplinary teams working in a supporting (non-clinical) role with clients with experiences of past and/or present traumas

Blue Knot Foundation works with each client to identify their particular needs and match them with the skills, approach and location of supervisors. Supervisors are assessed by Blue Knot Foundation to have the skills and experience to provide professional trauma-informed supervision/case consultation/de-briefing. The brokerage service is based on a relational trauma-informed model.

Why use Blue Knot Foundation’s trauma-informed supervision service?

  • Blue Knot Foundation’s established leadership in the fields of complex trauma, trauma-informed practice and vicarious trauma reflects quality and expertise
  • Our credibility and national networks enable a database of supervisors which is extensive in diversity of skills, scope and location
  • Our relational and brokerage skills ensure that our trauma-informed supervision service is efficient, relevant and useful and has currency across sectors and professional disciplines

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