Survivor Stories



“This work is just so incredibly important! Thank you for the many ways you have raised consciousness and been a part of facilitating the dissemination of knowledge and skills to help prevent and address the impact of child abuse.”


“Blue Knot Foundation has always represented a "backstop" for me in my life, and I have felt that no matter what happens in my life, I have a group that I belong with, that will accept and support me, warts and all. Thank you for the work that you and your team do.”


“You were there in my desperate hour of need and whilst only 2 phone calls, I took some very valuable and helpful insight away that allowed me to continue my healing, become aware of and understand my biggest trigger that has ruled my life for 50 years. Thank you for being there.”


“I am so thankful and happy to know that your organisation is there to help us, to offer support, education and most importantly a voice. A real, educated, rational, honest, non-deniable voice. I feel that my prayers have been answered, granted.”


“We (SWCC counsellors) really value Blue Knot Foundation, its workshops for survivors and professionals, newsletters and its major publications to date.”

SONYA FINLAYSON Sydney Women's Counselling Centre

Survivor Stories

Survivor Stories

Many survivors struggle to disclose what happened them. Others find it hard to speak about their abuse or trauma to anyone. It can be helpful to read about others’ stories of recovery, especially when recovery does not seem possible…. but recovery is absolutely possible.

This section of the website explores issues around telling your story, and shares some stories of recovery. Breaking free, Blue Knot’s monthly newsletter includes many more. All survivor stories are unique and all need to be honoured. Those presented here are a few of the millions of survivor stories to honour.