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“Extremely well presented. Covered salient points in trauma work. Very credible presenter, obviously knows the subject matter well, is clear, informative, and was careful to ensure participant's expectations were met.”

E. HUTCHING Relationships Australia

“It was wonderful training given that all my questions and issues were addressed. It felt like 2 days of supervision.”

SYLVIA ACEVEDO Clinical and Private Practitioner

“I found the training very informative and a window to many therapies and skills to focus on in the future. The presenter was excellent and certainly demonstrated a well informed knowledge of various modalities and therapies.”


“The presenter did an excellent job! The information was interesting, profound and very relevant. The information was very clear, stimulating and I will find it very helpful when working with clients.”

WENDY METRA Counsellor/Psychotherapist

“Absolutely fantastic workshops! It was great to discuss, hear and walk away with real practical strategies and techniques to assist my clients in becoming more body aware. Excellent resources given.”


FAQs Education & Training

Who is eligible for concession?

People holding a valid student card only qualify for a concession at Blue Knot Foundation professional development training. Holders of health care cards or pensioner concession cards or people experiencing financial difficulty can apply for a concession for Blue Knot Foundation’s education workshops for survivors and their family, friends, partners and loved ones. Seniors cards do not qualify for concessions at any Blue Knot Foundation events.

I’m a student, am I suitable to attend your training?

Yes, students are suitable to attend all Blue Knot Foundation training, however please consult the training’s Learning Objectives and Suitable Audience information to assist you in making an appropriate decision regarding which type of training is most suitable for your educational needs.

What's the difference between Supporting Practice with Complex Trauma Clients & A Three-Phased Approach - Working Therapeutically with Complex Trauma Clients training?

Supporting Practice with Complex Trauma Clients is a one-day foundational program for health professionals who work clinically. It provides a grounding in understanding the nature, prevalence and dynamics of complex trauma and introduces the core principles for working with clients who have a complex trauma history.

A Three-Phased Approach - Working Therapeutically with Complex Trauma Clients is a two-day more advanced program for clinicians working therapeutically to support their recovery from complex trauma. It provides strategies, tools and insights into the particulars of this work, including presentations, challenges and workshopping best practice principles.

What's the difference between Foundation for Trauma-Informed Care and Practice & Supporting Practice with Complex Trauma Clients training?

Foundation for Trauma-Informed Care and Practice training provides a foundation to understanding the prevalence, types and dynamics of trauma- how people cope and how complex trauma impacts on their adult sense of self, health, wellbeing, life opportunities, relationships, as well as on the next generation. Participants will take home tips and strategies to engage in safe, trustworthy, and collaborative interactions which minimise stress, de-escalate challenging situations and enable recovery. The training will address self- care and vicarious trauma, and also explore trauma informed practice across organisations and systems. 

Suitable Audience: Workers across diverse service settings including in health, community, legal, justice, mental health, AOD, disability, housing and/or employment services. 

Supporting Practice with Complex Trauma Clients training is professional development for health professionals who work directly with adult survivors. Participants will learn about the difference between single-incident and complex trauma, their respective impacts on the person and intervention modalities. Participants will acquire grounding in the latest research around the neurobiology of attachment and recovery and the core principles of working safely with adult survivors of complex trauma. They will take home tips to engage in safe and collaborative interactions with clients as well as strategies for professional self-care. 

Suitable Audience: Psychologists, clinical psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, mental health nurses, social workers, general practitioners, psychiatrists working in therapeutic contexts with adults survivors of complex trauma.

Is the Educational Workshop for Adult Survivors group therapy?

No - this workshop is educational rather than therapy. Focusing on safety, self-care and seeking support, these workshops help survivors connect their childhood trauma (from abuse, neglect, family violence and or/other adverse childhood experiences) to their behaviours and feelings in the present, while providing tools for positive change. While we make every effort to ensure that our workshops offer helpful information in a safe supportive environment please consider the following: It is possible to attend Blue Knot Foundation workshops without being in therapy/counselling however, it is preferable to be receiving the support therapy/counselling can bring. If you do have a therapist/counsellor you might find it helpful to make an appointment in the days after attending the workshop. A partner, family member or friend can register and attend with you. If you are not receiving professional support, we recommend identifying friends/family members who can offer support should you need it. You can also call our Blue Knot Help line on 1300 657 380. Participating may highlight personal challenges. If this happens during a workshop feel free to walk outside (making your facilitator aware) and return as you need. We will be available to support you during breaks in the program and after the workshop. You can also call our Blue Knot Help line after the workshop to de-brief, ask for more information, and for access to our referrals database of Blue Knot Foundation approved health care professionals.

Does Blue Knot Foundation run support groups for survivors?

Blue Knot Foundation hosts and delivers educational workshops for survivors but does not facilitate ongoing survivor support groups (either following an educational workshop/s or independently of our workshops). If you’d like to engage in a survivor support group, Blue Knot Foundation recommends you ensure, as much as is reasonably possible, that the support group is co-facilitated (i.e. there are two facilitators who provide support to maintain your safety) and that it follows an established program.

If I attend Blue Knot Foundation’s Workshop for Adult Survivors will I have to share my story?

No, as the workshop is educational rather than therapy, participants are not encouraged to share personal stories. While there is some group discussion during the day there is no obligation to participate in these discussions if you don’t feel comfortable. By attending the workshop, you will gain information which may help you build on your strengths, understand your reactions and ways of coping and identify strategies for positive change. You will also receive information about finding and engaging good support, accessing helpful resources and self-care strategies.

I am a survivor and would like my partner and family member to join me at the Survivor workshop, can they attend as well?

Yes - we encourage support people to attend the Survivor Workshops. All those wishing to attend will need to register via our website - multiple people can register and pay under the one booking.

I am a survivor and wish to attend your workshop but I don’t have access to register online. Can you register me over the phone?

Yes, we can register you over the phone- please provide your name, contact details and credit card details for payment. Please inform us if you don’t have access to email to receive the confirmation details, as we can send your receipt and confirmation via posted mail.

I am a survivor and wish to attend your workshop but I don’t have a credit card, can I post a cheque?

Yes, we do accept payment via cheque. We will have to register you over the phone, please provide your name and contact details. We will need to receive the cheque prior to the workshop - please post to Blue Knot Foundation at PO Box 597, Milsons Point NSW 1565

I’m an Blue Knot Foundation Professional Member, how do I receive my discount price? Can I also register my colleague at this Professional Member price?

To receive discounted prices as a Professional Member, please sign in using your login details on Blue Knot Foundation’s website. Professional Member prices will then be available on the Training and Education registration web page. Only 1 x Professional Member ticket can be purchased per Professional Member per Blue Knot Foundation workshop. If you wish to register a colleague under your booking, you can select “1 x Full Price ticket + 1 x Professional Member price ticket” on the one booking. Or you can encourage your colleague to join Blue Knot Foundation as a Professional Member and they can follow steps stated above.

I would like to attend your workshop, can I register and pay on the day?

No, all registrations must be completed on our website, and will require online payment to complete the booking.

If I attend your training, can I claim CPD for my attendance?

Yes, Professionals may claim CPD hours/credits/points for their participation in Blue Knot Foundation training workshops as a self-directed learning activity. Blue Knot Foundation helps you meet your reporting obligations by having clearly articulated learning outcomes attached to each workshop and issuing Certificates of Attendance to participants upon completion of the workshop. For more information please refer to your professional association or the AHPRA website.

When will I receive a certificate of attendance for attending Blue Knot Foundation’s workshop?

All attendees at Blue Knot Foundation’s public training workshops will receive a certificate of attendance via email within the two weeks after the workshop has concluded. Attendees at Blue Knot Foundation’s Workshop for Adult Survivors and ASCA’s Workshop for Partners and Supporters (Carers) will not receive a certificate of attendance.

What is your cancellation policy?

A refund can be provided if cancellation is made giving more than two weeks notice prior to the event. An administration fee of $25.00 is payable for all cancellations of training workshops and will be deducted from your refund. All cancellations must be made in writing via email. No refund will be issued if cancelled within two weeks of the event under any circumstances. Transfers to other workshops will not be offered under any circumstances. Policy applies if incorrect payment received and then cancelled. 

Other payment methods?

Should you require an invoice for payment please contact us on (02) 8920 3611. Please note that for all invoices made out to less than 3 attendees will be charged an administration fee of $50.00 and will be added to the invoice. Payment is to be made within 14 days or before the training, whichever is earlier. A remittance advice is to be provided before the training to confirm the booking.

Do you provide lunch at the workshops?

Yes, lunch is provided at all our public workshops. Please notify us if you have specific dietary requirements 7 days before training.