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Training Testimonials

"Dragan was one of the best presenters I've had - lots of knowledge: explained it very easily: very personable."

Sarah Addlington, KYDS and Private Practice

"Dragan was fantastic, a great facilitator, very down to earth and nice. Made everyone feel comfortable and was very helpful."

Wendy Johnston, Educator, Northern Rivers Community Gateway

CPD Information

Professionals may claim CPD hours / credits / points for their participation in Blue Knot Foundation training workshops as a self-directed learning activity.

Blue Knot Foundation helps you meet your reporting obligations by having clearly articulated learning outcomes attached to each workshop and issuing Certificates of Attendance to participants upon completion of the workshop. For more information please refer to your professional association or the AHPRA website.

Public Foundation for TIP - Full Day

Trauma Informed Transgender and Gender Diverse Affirmative Care - Masterclass

Trauma-informed imageDelivered by one of Blue Knot Foundation’s most experienced and revered facilitators, Dragan Zan Wright is a transgender psychotherapist and trainer who has worked extensively in the fields of Gender Diversity, Complex Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care and Practice.

This experiential professional development day goes beyond ‘standard’ LGBTIQ diversity training. This masterclass will build the knowledge and skills to work competently and confidently with the rising numbers of TGD people accessing therapeutic and other services. It will explore the intersectionality of complex trauma, discrimination, and minority stress to develop understanding on how these factors impact the health of TGD people. 

Participants will gain a practical and inclusive framework for implementing trauma-informed principles and best practice guidelines when working with transgender and gender diverse populations, aligning policies and procedures with existing legislation.

By participating in this professional development training, attendees will:

  • Apply an understanding of the intersectionality of complex trauma, discrimination and minority stress and the impact on health to work effectively with TGD people accessing your service
  • Work effectively in promoting ‘trauma-informed’ and ‘gender affirmative care’ principles to an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach when working with TGD clients
  • Acquire knowledge and skills to develop a practical inclusive framework for implementing gender affirmative change in your organization based on best practice and current legislation 
  • Acquire confidence in the use of current language and definitions in the evolving landscape of language pertaining to TGD people

Material presented in the training will draw on research from Blue Knot Foundation's Practice Guidelines for Treatment of Complex Trauma and Trauma Informed Care and Service Delivery and other relevant research.


audience-public Full Day

Who should attend?

Anyone working in a therapeutic or counselling role with Transgender and Gender Diverse people.