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“Anyone working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should do this training as mandatory to better understand the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture and History to deliver culturally appropriate services.”


“This training was fantastic, I didn't expect to learn as much as I did. The trainer was really easy going and involved the group. Breaking up the talking with videos and activities was good to help me re-focus. Really informative, Thanks.”

ANONYMOUS Lifeline Broken Hill

“The training was great. It has ignited my thoughts and feelings about working in a new way with all people and sharing with my team. I hope you consider this training with other Aboriginal communities. Amazing!”


“I am truly grateful that the trauma experienced by the Aboriginal community was addressed and discussed, as it is extremely important and still very relevant.”

ANONYMOUS Lifeline Macarthur

“Excellent day of learning. Most significant aspect of that has been to have a whole day of training with my Aboriginal colleagues who hold such an array of strengths, knowledge, wisdom as well as carrying trauma most likely. Very inspirational! Thank you.”


Trauma-Informed Care and Practice: Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

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The prevalence of individual, complex, collective and intergenerational trauma amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in diverse communities across Australia is high. Currently there is a gap in the knowledge, skills and efficacy of service providers to provide trauma-informed and culturally attuned practices and services. 

By attending this one-day professional development training, participants will have better knowledge and understanding of the types and effects of trauma within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and its intergenerational and collective impacts. This culturally sensitive training, informed by current research, has been successfully delivered in diverse contexts and communities.

By participating in this professional development training, participants will:
  1. Define trauma and recognise the long-term effects of individual and collective trauma within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities including its intergenerational impacts 
  2. Recognise the stress response and its relationship to emotional regulation and arousal 
  3. Name and apply the five principles of trauma-informed care and practice 
  4. Apply strategies, working with the brain, body and emotions to support self-regulation and safety for both the client and the worker 
  5. Work from a strengths-based relational approach which is sensitive to culture and diversity and is supportive of the pathway towards healing.

Blue Knot Foundation additionally collaborates with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service providers to deliver and augment this training with information and strategies for providing culturally informed, safe, respectful and attuned services.


We thank with appreciation the cultural mentors who have informed the development of this training and who continue to provide guidance.

Who should attend?

Workers from diverse services and sectors including, but not limited to, health, community, child protection, family and domestic violence, legal, justice, mental health, AOD, disability, housing, emergency and/or employment services who are working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.

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