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“I have attended one of your workshops for Health Professionals and found it to be one of the most enlightening and useful trainings I have attended. In particular, I really got an understanding of how to best deal with people in crisis related to past trauma.”


“The workshop was outstanding - could be used for all practitioners no matter what their discipline. I would hope that you would promote it among psychologists - particularly because the focus was on "abuse" without putting the various types of abuse into boxes.”


“I recommend Blue Knot Foundation's trauma training to every professional, worker of all setting, survivor, and carer. The better trained the earlier the diagnosis and a better chance for survivor recovery.”


“I would highly recommend Blue Knot Foundation training. The information and research is impressive and relevant; the facilitator knew her stuff, was engaging and provided relevant examples.”


For Organisations

Blue Knot Foundation is a national and international thought leader in policy, practice, research, training and direct service delivery. Blue Knot Foundation, formerly ASCA’s nationally and internationally acclaimed Practice Guidelines for Treatment of Complex Trauma and Trauma Informed Care and Service Delivery set the standards for complex trauma treatment and trauma-informed practice.

Blue Knot Foundation delivers a range of complex trauma, trauma-informed and vicarious trauma professional development training options for organisations. We deliver training in-house to organisations on request, or to diverse organisational personnel through scheduled sessions. To find out more about our in-house training, click here. To see our public training schedule, click the button below to view our Training Calendar.


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Blue Knot Foundation is looking for organisations and agencies who are experienced in working with adult survivors of complex trauma to join its network of service providers, to which the Helpline team refers. Should you wish for your organisation/agency to be considered for this network, please complete the Organisations and Agencies application form for possible inclusion onto our referral database. 

Should your organisation or agency be interested in joining a local complex trauma network, and/or starting one in your area, learn more here.

Blue Knot Foundation also delivers group supervision and organisational consultancy to organisations seeking to embed trauma-informed practice into their services and systems.

You will find abundant useful information, including fact sheet and video in the resources section here, as well as across the website more generally.